What Alaina Offers

Professional Birth Newborn and Family Photography for those that value preserving their family’s story and legacy through intimate and authentic photographs and videos.

Birth Photography & Videography

just after birth mama bringing her baby up out of the water and baby is reaching for mom. Photograph by La Mirada Photographer, Alaina Nunez

This is one of the most amazing days of your life! Let me be your eyes and ears so that you can be fully present in experiencing the birth of your beautiful child.

Newborn & Family Photography

Capturing Truth & Love. This is is about preserving your family’s memories and legacy. Newborn sessions are captured in the comfort of your home.

Birth Doula Support

Certified Labor and Birth doula Alaina Nunez

It is an honor to pray over you, help prepare, support and encourage you while you are eagerly anticipating the arrival of your baby blessing!

Featured Work

The glow of pregnancy, the strength of a laboring mama, the excitement of meeting a new sibling and the joy of being together.

portrait of the photographer, Alaina Nunez

Meet the Artist and Advocate

Is a second generation homeschooling mama of 6 who started her business out of a desire for something she wanted available to her as a new mama. She has been photographing babies and families for over 15 years professionally.

She is known to be warm, real and easy to talk to.

A quick note from Alaina:

I love the Lord & the family He has blessed me with and I am so grateful that He is in charge and knows what I need and what they need even better than I do.

If you ever want to chat or need some encouragement drop me a message! The Lord created us for community. We are the body of Christ and need to be able to lift each other up and pray for one another and not be ashamed to ask for that extra support.

We could talk about homeschooling (it’s not as daunting as it seems and truthfully, we mamas can make it harder for ourselves than it needs to be).

All things birth! I’ve learned so much from having my own bunch, doula and lactation training and going through miscarriage.

Feeding a large family well on a budget (beans and rice and a backyard garden!)

Essential oils, raising chickens, breastfeeding, making sourdough bread, creating gluten and dairy free food in the kitchen and the most important…

Our Divine calling as mamas.

Don’t Let Another Moment Pass

You’ll be so thankful that those little details were documented and preserved

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