A bit of Before and After – Maternity

I thought it would be fun to show you the before and after edits.

After we have our session together I go through the images and put together a proof gallery so you can pick your favorites for the collection you want. The collection you choose will depend on if you’re into albums, wall art, gift prints or digital gallery.

These proof galleries are not edited except for the few I tend to convert to black and white. Other than that, they’re straight out of the camera, exactly how I captured it.

From your proof gallery you will choose your favorites and the amount will depend on the collection you choose. I will artistically edit those images you have chosen to keep from your gallery.

Once I’m all done and happy with how the images look, I will order the prints &/or products you have chosen and then I will deliver them to you after I have received and inspected them.

It’s important to have your images professionally printed because color calibration is different for each lab.

After I receive your prints, if I am not happy with how the color or finishing turned out, it will be re-ordered before it’s delivered to you.

So that is what happens after our session that goes with hiring me as your photographer when it comes to portrait sessions.

I want the whole process for you to be relaxing and enjoyable from start to finish and that includes looking at the final product hanging on your walls.

Contact us today to reserve your session!

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Doula Certificate

My labor doula certificate arrived and so did some of my new cards!

A little over a year ago I started my journey in my doula education.

It involved reading, workshops and hands on experience over the whole 2021 year. Yes, I could have gotten everything done sooner, but I’m thankful for the extra time to learn, absorb and apply what I learned and already knew.

I sent in all of my paperwork in January which was perfect timing to be allowed to accompany one of my mamas into the hospital to support her as protocols had just changed to 1 support person and 1 certified doula with the birthing mother. God’s timing is always perfect right?

I have loved being able to support mamas with not only the images I’m capturing during the birth of their little love, but with words of encouragement, hands on help and an extra support for dad as well.

There is a reason it’s called a birth team and I am always so honored and thankful that I’m part of the team for so many mamas and families.

I just wanted to share my fun news with you.

And if you haven’t seen my resource list, I encourage you to take a look at it. There are so many great professionals and resources for the expecting and postpartum mom. I’m constantly updating and adding to the list as I learn more and meet more amazing professionals in the area.

So if you are an expecting mama or know an expecting mama looking for birth photography and/or birth doula I’d love to hear from you. Contact me through the form or feel free to email, info@alainanunez.com or call 562-400-2579.

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What is home birth – La Mirada Birth Photographer

I met this lovely mama mid pregnancy over coffee one Saturday morning. She was expecting her 3rd baby blessing and was interested in having me document her first home birth experience. We literally talked for 2 hours about birth, kids, family, work, life, church… It was a bit of girl or mama time, that I think we both needed.

Debbie is a certified hypnobirth instructor and don’t worry if you’re not in the area because she offers classes virtually as well. Her business page Harmonious Childbirth is where you’ll find out all the things about her hypnobirthing course and offerings. I highly suggest you check that out because she’s going to be starting her next series of classes next month.

I always come to the team meeting and prenatal for my home birth mamas. It is typically around 36 weeks and the dad, mom, midwife, doula and anyone else who plans on being present at the birth should be there. That includes me, the birth photographer (and now certified labor doula!).

I met the lovely Celest who is the midwife at Ivy Midwifery Services. It is always fun to watch the hands of a midwife. They learn so much just by touch and the time and care they pour into each of their expecting mamas is just beautiful.

I never took a hypnobirthing course (I will be soon) but I have learned so much from the mamas that have invited me into their birthing space, into their sacred space. Debbie labored beautifully. I could see her body relax as she was breathing intentionally and calmly through each wave/contraction.

I also got to work with La Kiesha who was Debbie’s doula. Her business is Agape Birth & Wellness She did the counter pressure, helped get mama into different positions, brought a fan and some peppermint essential oil for the times of queasiness. So much support and love.

Here’s a fun video dad took and Debbie edited and shared on Instagram her thoughts on What she got out of Home Birth.


This is the proud dad with the second midwife and student midwife behind him. I just love all the joy you can feel in this image!

This right here… Look at all the care that is being poured out onto this mama that just birth a beautiful soul! Mom’s being taken care of while baby is being checked on and she didn’t have to go anywhere to do this. Love it!

Proud dad and excited big sister and interested brother. Aren’t they so sweet!?

I would say, Debbie was glowing after birth but I think she was just radiant while she was laboring too.

You can watch their birth story film, I’m putting it right here for you. 🙂

If you’re expecting this year please feel free to Get in Touch or send me an email, info@alainanunez.com

Don’t miss out on documenting this beautiful soul’s birth story and the amazing journey and strength of you mama.

We were created for this and truly blessed to be able to experience the awe inspiring moment of child birth.



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The San Diego Zoo in Black and White

Just the other month I was talking with my 3 year old about his favorite animals and what he thought his siblings favorite animals were and right then I realized… He had not been to the zoo yet! I felt this need to take my little guy to the zoo! I found out one of the moms in our homeschool group was planning the trip already so we were set to go, just had to wait for the date to come.

I was so excited to be able to take my kids to the San Diego Zoo this year. I even had my photography students meet us there for our field trip.

We were counting back and realized that it had been 5-6 years since we had been to the SD Zoo so it was a new and fun experience for most since the younger ones didn’t remember and the older ones had fresh eyes and a higher perspective. 😉

As I’m sure you already know, black and white photographs are what I love. The simplicity, the detail, the mystery…

We ended up by the gorillas at the perfect time… lunch time! That was fun to watch their personalities come out. This one had his back to everyone while he enjoyed his lettuce.

This one went a ways off to enjoy some alone time while he ate.

Hippos are so relaxing to watch

I think giraffes always have this relaxed, slightly annoyed look on their face.

One of my students letting my little guy take pictures. They’re a fun bunch to hang out with. 🙂

Since we were there during the month of October, toward the evening they were getting ready to start their Boo-Fest and there were bubbles floating up toward us as we were crossing over one of the bridges.

Did I meantion we left at 6 in the morning and got home at 9pm? Well… It was a Full. Fun. Day.



Looking forward to meeting you and telling your beautiful story!


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A Day in Our Life on a Wednesday (La Mirada Documentary Family Photographer)

My eldest reminded me that I had not done a Day in our Life for quite some time and looking back at the last one, she is totally right. This Day in our Life was back in 2017. And I think it’s funny that it is also in the month of April.

So here it is, a typical Wednesday in our life, and I guess we can also say, a typical Wednesday in April.

What I saw when I opened the office door.

My office is also the spare room and play room
My work space
He likes to send “good morning” emails to his grandma and sometimes his friends
Wednesday is street sweeper day so both the dog and little guy were watching

We’ve been receiving care from Dr Cece at Simply Well Chiropractic in Long Beach so we that is part of our weekly routine for better health.

Everybody out!
It’s always a race to the front door
“we have to run mama!”

I know this next one’s focus is off but it was a no look shot while we were running.

This little guy is awesome!
After adjustments they always get to pick a sticker from Ms Karine
He’s showing Karine some tap dancing moves.

We have to discuss who gets to go first and in what order because everyone (yes everyone!) looks forward to their time with Dr. Cece.

I did not tell her to smile, she was laughing
When it’s mama’s turn the little guy wants to cuddle.
Now it’s a race back to the car!

Back at home…

I think it’s sweet that they’re the same height when he’s on his knee.
By request of the little guy, he asked “Nay Nay” to play Duck Hunt with him.

Our little dwarf apple tree has too many apples which made the top branch bend. We didn’t want it to break so we splinted it with a dowel and some tape. So far, so good.

Meet Whinny, Speedy and I think that one is Salt.

Some backyard chores.

Tossing out some treats for the chickens and the dog always tries to steal food from them.
I don’t remember what they were watching maybe Wild Kratts or something.

Ok so these next three photographs are actually from the next day but they are definitely a part of our daily activities so I wanted to include them.

playdough or painting is the usual at the table.
I didn’t tell him to look at me or to pose, that was all him. 🙂
Always on the move.

So there you have it, a typical Wednesday for us in the month of April.

What does your typical day include? Did you know I offer Day in the Life Sessions? Get in Touch if you’d like to know more.



Looking forward to meeting you and telling your beautiful story!


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Training to be a Doula {La Mirada Birth Photographer}

Yes, you heard that right. I’ve been going through some doula training and am so excited to be able to offer labor doula services as an add on to my birth photography packages!

I’ve been photographing births for the last 8 years and really felt like I needed to get some extra training and education to support the mamas that I get to know so well leading up to their birth. Becoming a doula just seemed like the next step to take and I’ve so enjoyed the training.

I jumped off the Instagram and Facebook train at the end of December and it has really been so lovely and freeing. During my training we were suppose to post something on our social media about going through this training and needing 3 families to work with to become certified, but I obviously couldn’t do that. I have 2 mamas that I will be supporting this month while they bring their precious babes into this world so I need 1 more mama to fulfill my certification needs.

I really love that I’m supporting AND documenting the whole process. I get to offer education and resources leading up to labor day and birth day as well. Don’t worry, I don’t just give you a hug and then disappear once you’ve brought that precious person into this world. No, I plan on coming back to check in and see where you need some help. Those first few days seem like a whirlwind with diapers, nursing, trying to eat and drink (that hunger while nursing is for real) and trying to adjust to your new sleep schedule and getting to know your baby.

Midwife Tessa from Abundant Blessings Midwifery during an in home prenatal visit.

Are you interested in doula support as well as birth photography? I would love to hear from you and we can talk though what your vision and hopes are for your pregnancy and birth experience.

You can get in touch with me HERE.

Blessings on your pregnancy!


Looking forward to meeting you and telling your beautiful story!


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Lessons from 2019

Made it to day 365 of 2019!
My birthday is October 30th so ever since I was little I was always looking forward to my 30th birthday. I wasn’t wishing I was 30, but always knew I would get there… so when I turned 30 I wasn’t shocked and like, “oh my gosh! I can’t believe I’m 30!” Like I was seeing from so many others.
Now, when I turned 31 I felt a little thrown off like, “Well, I was prepared for 30, but 31 came out of no where!” I know it sounds silly but I think that is how a lot of things in life are. You prepare for the wedding but what about the marriage? You prepare for birth but what about the 4th trimester? You prepare for having a plethora of learning tools and creating just the right environment for free play but what about the tantrums and meltdowns or the hangries!?! Everyone talks about the terrible twos but what about the stubborn threes?
I think we tend to get tunnel vision on the short term goals so when we hit them we’re kind of floundering on what happens next…
I hope you don’t misunderstand me. Short term goals are great! And when you hit them it’s invigorating and a time that should be celebrated! But I do think we need to see what our long term is. What is the ultimate goal? Because the ultimate goal is what directs our daily path.
My ultimate goal is to love my husband and show my children Jesus (to love like Him, serve like Him and take the time to spend time refreshing my soul like Him). To pray for my clients and help them to see how blessed they are (immediately and years from now) by using my talents that God has given me to share. To raise awareness of amazing causes and document those who might otherwise go unnoticed.

I see much, I feel deeply and I am fully aware of the limited time I have, so I want to make the most of it.


The lessons I learned walking through 2019?

I have to be truthful here… I was this close and I mean this ** close to just saying, “I’m done”. I was feeling pulled in too many directions. I was ready to close the doors on Alaina Nunez Photography once I was done with current obligations.

I was asking God to show me if this business should continue and if so what direction He wants it to go in.

I don’t want to give my leftovers… My children don’t deserve my leftovers, my clients don’t deserve my leftovers and my husband for sure doesn’t deserve my leftovers! I am not a perfectionist but I am definitely one who carries high expectations for myself.

This past year has been the slowest year I’ve had in a long time. Being an artist, I’m pretty accustom to the wave of clients that come throughout the year but after awhile it can be demotivating and super discouraging.

December came and I felt this renewed vision. I was asking God to show me if this business should continue and if so what direction He wants it to go in.

My kids and I have these great conversations one the couch at least once a week. I think I’m impacted by them more than they are but even if they just hold onto snippets of these moments I know the memories of these conversations will come to mind at the moments they will need them. We were talking recently about why it’s important to have respect for yourself. The main consensus was, “Because if you don’t, no one else will.” I said well… You can’t control what other people say and do but you can control what you say and do. So then I repeated my question, “Why is it important to have respect for yourself?” They couldn’t think of anything other than trying to reword their first answer. I told them, when God created you, He didn’t just speak and you were there like everything else He created. No, He took care to “weave” you together with your hair color, eye color, gender, skin color, character traits, strengths and weaknesses. You are created in the image of the Almighty. You are created to do mighty things even in your weaknesses. If you respect the Creator then you will have respect for the created and be in awe of it. You are created to do amazing and mighty things because the Almighty made you. If that doesn’t deserve respect, I don’t know what does.

So with that, I have an appreciation for the 2019 business blight. It was a good year of emotional and spiritual growth. Pouring into myself, my marriage, my family and the clients and students that I was pleased to be with.

My husband is my life partner and now will be my business partner. I’m pretty excited about that!

So 2020… I won’t be floundering when the clock strikes midnight or when I wake up tomorrow to celebrate “Nunez Day” with my family (I’ve told you about Nunez Day right?). I’m ready. I’m ready to see the sights and enjoy the company. And when I don’t know which turn to make… I know Who to ask for directions.



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Alaina Nunez is the professional photographer who specializes in documenting unforgettable moments in an organic and documentary way. Home is in sunny Southern California with her husband and 6 children. They love road trips so if you’re not in the area and looking to have Alaina document your family or intimate wedding Contact her about her travel schedule.



Featured – A Birth Story & Fresh 48 (Southern California Birth Photographer)

The beginning of the year always feels like a fresh start and so I felt like sharing a post that I never got to make. It’s a fresh new baby and a fresh 48.


Sara started her induction on a Tuesday afternoon and she and her hubby Adam, tried to get comfy because they knew it was going to take 12 hours or more like most inductions do. They kept me posted on any progress throughout the rest of the day and then again in the morning.


Nothing major was happening until over 24 hours when her water broke! Yay progress!


I checked in with them around 10:15pm and asked if Sara felt like it was getting close. Adam responded and said she was resting, not yet… 30 minutes later I got a text saying that the nurse said it was almost time!


Needless to say, I was just outside the door (checking in with the 3rd person!) when their sweet little Malia made her grand entrance!


Sweet girl was born just before midnight.

She was so aware and wanting to see what was going on. She even was checking out me and my camera, but she especially wanted to stare at her mama who she had heard and already knew for so long already.


I said good night to Adam, Sara and Malia once they got into their recovery room and said, “see you in the morning!” for their Fresh 48 session where I got to document the family meeting baby girl.


The next morning (because morning can’t come until you’ve slept) I headed back to the hospital to document the grandparents and big sister meeting the newest little one in the family.



I mean, can you just feel the overflowing of joy in this photograph! It makes me smile every time I see it.


Sara’s parents were the first to arrive to meet their newest grand daughter.


But Adam’s parents with big sister Mariah, were right behind them.



After Maliah got some lovin’ from her grandparents the time had finally come for her to meet her big sister.


Oh my goodness! She almost couldn’t contain her excitement! I was so adorable!


Sara wanted to make sure Mariah didn’t feel like she was being replaced but instead was taking on a new roll of big sister.. helper, protector. So she had Mariah feed her baby sister and was teacher her how to touch and hold her.


Sara’s dad finally got his turn to hold and stare at his newest blessing and grand daughter.


Lucky girls to have both sets of grandparents so helpful and involved.


The Simon family… now a family of 4! Many blessings to you guys! Thank you for having me document this amazing event and milestone for you! I am truly honored.




Alaina Nunez is the professional photographer who specializes in documenting unforgettable moments in an organic and documentary way. Home is in sunny Southern California with her husband and 6 children. They love road trips so if you’re not in the area and looking to have Alaina document your family or intimate wedding Contact her about her travel schedule.