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The meaning behind the name…

I started my photography business in the beginning of 2008 and at the time, the biggest decision was naming my business.

I re-branded at the end of 2015 to Alaina Nunez Photography, yet I just couldn’t drop my Simply Sweet Moments, so I decided to keep it for only Maternity, Birth and Newborn sessions.

I questioned myself trying to figure out why I couldn’t move on from a name I picked at the beginning of my photography business journey. Here it goes…


Lets start with the expecting Glowing Mama



I am simply amazed with how our bodies are created to hold, grow and nurture another human being. What… a… blessing! I know we don’t always feel beautiful with all the stretching ligaments, sciatic pain and leg cramps… But seriously mama, this time is precious and you are beautiful so lets capture this sweet moment!

“OMGOODNESS!!! These are so incredibly beautiful!!! Thank you so much for capturing this. It’s so much more than I could have imagined!!! IN LOVE!!!” -KA


The time has finally come to meet your little blessing!

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I feel so incredibly privileged to document your baby’s Birth Story. It’s hard and totally not necessary to see what is happening around you while your body is doing the work it needs to. But there is a story that is going on around you. The expression on your moms face when you’re breathing through each contraction. Your birth support team who is helping you relax and whispering soothing, encouraging words to you. The strength and relief that comes during push time. The moment you set your eyes on your baby for the first time! The look of awe and respect your husband holds on his face that says “Wow, my wife is amazing!”


“Oh we are all in tears!!! Thanks so much for perfectly capturing one of the most important days of our lives.” -TB

To view a home birth you can watch Amelia’s Birth Story Film

To view a hospital birth along with a Fresh 48 you can watch Malia’s Birth Story Film


Hello new little person!


When I think of a fresh new baby, and how best to capture this sweet yet short newborn stage, I want my photographs to be simple but also capture the joy and love that this new little person adds to the family.

Gorgeous lashes, scrunchy faces, big yawns, fuzzy shoulders, wrinkly fingers and toes, sleepy smiles…

How about how your sweet little one puts their hands on their face, sleeps with a furrowed brow or always stretches out that one leg that use to get you right in the side?

The moments that show your mamas voice calming your precious babe… The moments that show the awe and excitement a new little person brings to the bunch… the moments that show really “how tiny” your now 2 year old use to be.

These are the Simply Sweet Moments that make my storytelling mama heart happy!

So that is why I started out with this name and that is why I will keep it… Because I love photographing these moments. 

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“I adore the photos! They are precious to me. Thank you so much for these memories, they are beautiful.”


Milestone Plan

The next question is… How are you going to make sure not to miss out on documenting your precious Babe’s first 2 years once their newborn session is over?

To make it easy on you, I offer a Milestone Plan so you won’t have to worry about missing out on documenting that toothless smile, those chunky thigh rolls, the first tooth buds, the knuckle dimples and the always adorable 1st year pictures capturing those wobbly first steps.

And because I know the 2nd year flies by, my Milestone Plan includes 2 sessions during that time as well.

The Milestone Plan includes 5, 45 minute local sessions. These would be used at 4 months, 8 months, 1 year, 18 months and 2 years.

The added bonus for being part of the Milestone Plan club is that you’ll receive a print credit and a discount during each ordering session.

I can’t wait to tell your family story!

Contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation for your Maternity, Birth and Newborn session!



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