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Join us for the Moms with Cameras Workshop!

Do you remember sitting and looking through your grandparents or parents photo albums? And then talking about each moment as you flipped through the pages?

We have this constant desire to document what’s going on around us. Do you ever look back through your photos, usually the ones on your phone, and remember what was really going on in that moment? It might have been a rough day… It could have very well been an awful day… yet for some reason unknown at the time, you were compelled to “snap” a photo. And it’s those moments that you look back on and think, I’m so glad I decided to take this picture.

Maybe you want to learn to take better photos because photography has always fascinated you or you’ve always loved taking pictures. I get that. I always wanted to be a good painter… unfortunately my paintings never looked the way I pictured them in my head! Yet when I learned how to use my camera and allow the light to be my “paint” and my camera to be my brush, it opened up a new way for me to create.

I love watching my children play while the light dances around their sweet youthful cheeks. Capturing that joy that is bubbling out of my child! Yet it’s also the joy that is beaming down in the light. It’s beautiful!

I would love for you to come hangout with me for the day! We’ll talk about our days… the mundane, the struggles, the joys, the real life moments and the blessings. I want to show you how to document your days. These days are a gift! And these moments, don’t last.

Becoming the Storyteller and Shooting in Manual

You’ll learn…

*HOW to tell your camera what to do.
*The three basic ingredients to create a storytelling image.
*Working with low light, because life doesn’t just happen in the golden hour.
*Outdoor photography fun.
*Basic editing to help you create the photograph you envision.
*And more helpful ideas to get you going on documenting your beautiful, messy, everyday ordinary, extraordinary moments!


  • 3 Hour Class
  • 9am-12pm
  • La Mirada, CA

Refreshments will be provided and all attendees will receive a workbook and goody bag!

You can Reserve your Seat here!

What a past workshop attendee said:

“If you are a hands-on type person, it’s a wonderful class to take. And if you are a note taker, take some. You’ll be sure to leave wanting to connect more with your camera and anxious to start taking pictures :)”

Come learn from Alaina Nunez who specializes in storytelling photography for her clients as well as her own family.

Next Class Dates: TBD

“Alaina Nunez is the professional photographer who specializes in documenting unforgettable moments in a lifestyle and documentary way. Home is in sunny Southern California with her husband and 6 children. They love to travel on road trips together so if you’re not in the area and looking to have Alaina document your family or intimate wedding contact her to see if she’ll be passing through your area.”

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