The time has finally come to meet your little blessing!


I feel so incredibly privileged to document your baby’s Birth Story. During labor you need to be focusing on breathing down your baby, not worrying about the moments going on around you.

There is a story that is going on around you. The expression on your moms face when you’re breathing through each contraction. Your birth support team who is helping you relax and whispering soothing, encouraging words to you. The strength and relief that comes during push time. The concern, the encouragement, the relief and the tears of joy! That moment you set your eyes on your baby for the first time! The look of awe and respect your husband holds on his face that says “Wow, my wife is amazing!”


“Oh we are all in tears!!! Thanks so much for perfectly capturing one of the most important days of our lives.” -TB

To view a home birth you can watch Amelia’s Birth Story Film

To view a hospital birth along with a Fresh 48 you can watch Malia’s Birth Story Slideshow

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