La Mirada Newborn Photographer – Sweet Kaiah

I got to meet and photograph Kaiah when she was almost 3 weeks old.  You pronounce her name like the American Girl doll, for those of you who have daughter’s that love all things American Girl like I have.

Her mom Amber was able to share her thoughts on what it’s like to have a newborn session with me.


Sweet baby dreams

About her experience, “It was so neat! I was nervous because we never had a photo shoot done before so I didn’t know if she would cry a lot but she didn’t! Thanks to the gentle hands and the soothing music that was on.”


Favorite part about the session, “How you were all so gentle and calm!”


I love capturing the tiny beautiful details


Such a loving big sister


Her advice to the mama preparing for a newborn session, “Sit back, relax and enjoy!”

Thank you Amber for sharing with us your experience, I’m so glad you enjoyed our time together!

Are you expecting? Have you heard about the Milestone Plan I offer? It is the best way to ensure that no milestones will go undocumented through the first few years.

Feel free to look through my Newborn Welcome Guide and then Contact me for any questions or to start the processes of documenting your bump, birth, baby and family.



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La Mirada Photographer – Motherhood Memories

When was the last time you were in pictures with your children? I’m not talking about selfies, even though those can be adorable; I’m talking about being in the moment with your children and a photograph created during THAT moment.


I’m sure you are in the moment with your children on a regular basis and they will remember that I can assure you. But we as mamas can sometimes get so busy in doing and serving others (that is a big part of this mama job) that we forget to treat ourselves to these printed treasures.


I use to assume that people would take pictures of me with my kids because I see life and light through my camera. Yet there were so many occasions that I would pull out pictures and there were so many of my kids with my husband, grandparents, friends and family yet I was missing. It was sad, I was sad.


I no longer wait and hope for a picture, I ask. It’s not because I did my make up that day or am all dressed up and need the world to see. No, it’s so when my kids pull out our albums and pictures they will look through them and say, “Mama, I remember that moment with you!” And I will look, and smile at them as we reminisce together.


This is motherhood. The moments we don’t want to forget. Their baby faces. Chubby hands. Quiet moments. Endearing glances.

I want to tell your story mama, I know it’s a good one.




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Homeschool Photography Classes

Do you have a student interested in the art of photography? Photography is such a great way to express yourself while also being a life documentarian, you just need the right tools.

I have designed a photography curriculum for 7th-12th grade home school students that will give them these tools. My students will learn how to properly adjust their camera’s manual settings. They will also learn about; the exposure triangle, depth of field, white balance, numerous lighting techniques and scenarios, history of great photographers, composition, storytelling and much more.


Words from the parents:

“You did such a good job with this class!  Thank you again for all the time and attention you gave the kids.  I’m so glad she had the opportunity to learn from you.” 

“Thanks, Alaina! I know she has learned so much and you have been a great teacher for her! It has been such a wonderful experience for her!”


The students learn how to photograph motion in various ways.

Other Details:

* We meet for 1 hour, once a week for 15 weeks in the early afternoon

* Class sizes are limited to 10 students

* There is a midterm and final along with a grade given for the class

* No textbook required, handouts will be given

* DSLR camera/camera with manual settings is required

* Class fee is $165 per student (ask about sibling discount)

* Starts: Tuesday, February 7th and Ends: May 23rd

* Time: 1:30pm-2:30pm

* Location: Location will be in La Mirada and emailed once enrolled


The students learn how to capture light and shadows. This is the photograph I created during the silhouette lesson.


We start with the very basics but progress quickly so by the end of the class the students’ creativity blossoms as they have learned how to use their cameras to create the art and images that they want. They will have also learned to capture the world how they see it, which is just as unique as the person.

There is plenty of time to practice the new skill taught during the class time so the students can go home knowing how to working on the assignment for the week.

I’m a visual learner so I really need to see what I’m suppose to learn. I also am one, like most, who will remember after I have done it myself and that is how I’ve chosen to teach my photography class.

Photography is a great art medium. It can be moody and dark or bright and airy. I love giving my students the tools (knowledge) they need to express themselves in a way that won’t only lift their spirits (empower them) but can impact others’ lives in the process as well.

Sample work from past students:


Working with Depth of Field


One of the ways to capture motion – panning

Would you like to know more? Contact Alaina for dates and more information.




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Orange County Photographer – Sunset Sessions at the Tree Farm



I’ve been wanting to photograph sessions at the Christmas Tree Farm the last couple years but time just seems to slip by doesn’t it? Thanksgiving happens, then it’s Christmas Eve and I’m up late baking and wrapping presents and all of a sudden it’s the end of January when I realize we should probably take down our Christmas tree before Valentine’s Day. haha. True story… It has happened.

I am so excited to be able to offer Sunset Sessions at the Christmas Tree Farm in Brea this year on Monday, November 14th!

Click over HERE to see all the details

Now I know you might be thinking, “Wow, Christmas pictures already?? Can’t we enjoy Thanksgiving first?” Of course you can! That’s why these short and sweet sessions are perfect! You’ll have a nice family outing, in nature, surrounded by Christmas trees which will put anyone in the holiday spirit. Getting your family pictures done now will put you ahead of the game in sending Christmas cards because, even though rushing around is inevitable when it comes to preparing for the holiday’s, I bet you will be thankful that getting updated family pictures is already checked off your list.

We’ll have some fun decorations and a sweet set up but most importantly, there will be space to explore, play and have fun while I create photographs of your beautiful family for you.

These are my 25 minute Limited Edition sessions so don’t wait to save your spot! Click HERE to reserve your Sunset Session at the Christmas Tree Farm.

Note: If you’d like to book a full session let me know soon as my available dates are running out. Get in touch!

alainanunez-9-3-16-1And because I haven’t shared them with you yet, here is a sweet couple I photographed recently during a fundraising session.

I’m looking forward to documenting your family memories!



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CHOC Walk 2016 Fundraiser

I’m sure everyone reading this has had a family member, friend or friend of a friend helped by the amazing staff and volunteers at CHOC Hospital.

There is a walk every October where past patients, parents and supportive friends and family put together teams to raise funds for this hospital that has helped support and save many lives. I personally have had friends and family who have had to stay at CHOC and have received great care from the staff, Doctors and volunteers.

This walk is our way of saying we appreciate all you put into your job of helping the littlest to the biggest patients, in short, Thank You!

These fundraising sessions are to support our little friends, Jeremiah and Grace and their CHOC Walk Teams that will be walking before the sun comes up on October 30th.

Jeremiah receives great care from CHOC so his mom and dad set up a CHOC Walk Team called “Jeremiah and the Neverland Pirates”. They’ve been walking for a couple years now and are excited to be able to do so again this year.

Grace has being cared for at CHOC since she was born. She needed open heart surgery and continues to have checkups and procedures as she grows. Her auntie set up their CHOC Walk Team called “Team Grace” and they have been walking each year since 2010.

We’ve set up a Portrait Fundraiser on Saturday, October 15th to help these teams reach their fundraising goals this year!

The Harvest Set up times are for Kids Only so bring them in their costumes and ready to pick a pumpkin.

If you’d like to sign up you can do so HERE.

Who are these sessions for? Anyone! Children, Families, Couples, Dogs (yes, pets are welcome), Kids in Costumes, Adults in Pajamas. You read that right, these are for everyone who loves short and sweet professional photography sessions and wants to support Jeremiah or Grace’s CHOC Walk Team.


These sessions are 15 minutes and at an amazing price, so if you’re looking to get some family pictures before the holiday’s or want to captured the kids in their costumes these are for you.

Click HERE to sign up for a spot before they’re all gone. Seriously, we can’t add anymore spots so grab one while you can.


Thanks in advance for your support! We’re looking forward to documenting your family memories!




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Couples and Weddings

Make sure to check out our Pinterest page with more wedding and event images.





Family Gallery


Referral Program – La Mirada Photographer


I love that you are so happy with your session and photographs that you want to share with all your family and friends!

Did you know that I have a referral program? That’s right! For each family member or friend that books a session with me I will send you a $50 gift certificate.

Referral Program-back

There is no limit to the amount of credits you can earn or any expiration date so you can use each one right away or save them up and redeem them all at once.

Need some referral cards to pass out to your friend getting married? Heading to a baby shower soon? Contact and we can get you a stack to have on hand so you can start receiving those studio credits!

Thank you back

Specialty – Southern California Photographer

Lately I’ve really been thinking about what my specialty is, what is my “niche”. I’ve been thinking about it because people are asking, “What kind of photographer are you?” Which is a totally valid question.


I find myself listing off what I love to photograph; families, babies, birth, couples, weddings… That doesn’t sound very specialized and I hear over and over I need to specialize. I’m sure you’ve heard it, “jack of all trades and master of none.” How are people going to take me serious as a professional photographer if my specialty is so broad?


Let me tell you a bit about me. I’m the girl who in my first semester in college took auto mechanics, voice, gymnastics and photography. I received my degree in music education and I played competitive softball for 10 years. I went to vocational school and got my medical assisting (MA) certificate for back office and took preliminary classes to become a respiratory therapist (I had severe asthma growing up which is what inspired me to want to help people breathe).  I was homeschooled which means I had extra time to pursue things that interested me, like creating mini wreaths from the weeds that grew in our backyard or teaching myself how to play the piano because lessons were too expensive. I organized an overnight camp for the young girls at church at 11, I wrote newsletters on my grandma’s typewriter and charged for just the postage when I was 13, and I had a lot more birthday parties than my brothers because, truth be told, I liked planning my own parties and all my mom had to do was say yes because I took care of ALL the details.


I’ve come to realize, my photography niche can’t be narrowed down to one or even two categories if it is mine. So what do I specialize in? I specialize in capturing moments. I specialize in documenting genuine expressions. I specialize in creating photographs that stop time for that second, that fraction of a second and make it unforgettable. I am not strictly a documentary photographer but I have a documentary style. I am not strictly a lifestyle photographer as I enjoy posing people (in a natural way). I am not a portrait photographer though I do like to get up close and personal and will definitely take the time to adjust little details especially when I photograph newborns.


I will let you in on a secret. I laugh, pretty much all the time, if I’m not laughing you’ll probably see me smiling from behind my camera. It’s my weakness and my strength all wrapped into one (anyone else a nervous laugher?). I think that is part of my “brand” and my “style”.


So, back to my answer. I’m an “in the moment” photographer, that is what I specialize in. Creating photographs with your genuine, loving, frustrated, contemplative, vulnerable, real moments. This is my passion and my ministry. I am incredibly blessed to be given the opportunity to create photographs of my friends and clients during their amazing moments. If that is the kind of photographs you are looking to have of your own, I would love to create them for you!


Alaina Nunez Photography

Spring Tea & Boutique – Southern California Photographer


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We’re so excited to be able to host the Spring Tea & Boutique on the 21st of this month!

Make sure to come early as we’re going to have special guest speakers from 10am-11am. The Pregnancy Care Clinic will be talking about all the important services they offer to women, children, families and the community. Alaina Nunez Photography will be giving everyone some photography tips and how to’s for taking better pictures and Joyful__Fitness boot camp will be sharing some get healthy and fit tips with us!

Don’t forget to get your raffle tickets when you check in for a chance to win any of the great raffle prizes all the vendors have donated to help raise funds for the Women’s Pregnancy Care Clinic in Whittier.

While you’re shopping make sure to stop by our complimentary refreshments table with yummy things like teas, cakes and cookies.

And before you go don’t forget to stop by our styled photo booth for shoppers and business owners to use for fun memories or a quick head shot for your business. Twine and Sparkle will be providing the adorable decorations!

So mark your calendar and we’ll see you there!

If you’re on Facebook you can RSVP to the event HERE


Here’s the line up of businesses that will have booths AND a product you could win at the raffle table!

*Damsel in Defense
*Origami Owl
*Celia’s Reloved
*Mary Kay
*Pretty Little Treasures
*Northern Clover
*Young Living EO
*Pure Body Labs
*Ruby Ribbon
*Pamper Galore
*Rodan & Fields
*Terri’s Creative Sewing
*Alaina Nunez Photography
*Alice’s Embroidery Studio
*Splendor Gifts
*Pretty Little Treasures

And still more!!


We’re raising funds for the Women’s Pregnancy Care Clinic of Whittier! It’s going to be a great day!

Raffle tickets! Receive a bonus raffle ticket when you pre-purchase them. Go to: Spring Tea & Boutique Raffle Tickets




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