DITL: A Day In The Life – in April (Southern California Documentary Family Photographer)

It’s Saturday… Four out of the five kids were up all night emptying their stomachs and my mom and I rotated through taking care of the kids. They each had their own bucket… it was ridiculous! But if we only have to loose one night of sleep and no one else gets sick tonight, all I have to say is, “Thank you Lord for being so gracious!” Because seriously, have we not all experienced the cycle of sickness? One gets it then a day or two later the next one gets it, then a day or two later the next one and so on until the nasty bug has made its rounds through each family member and now the one who first got it is starting to feel sick again…

With all that to say, our Saturday plans of baseball game, newborn session and crawling under the house to work on electrical have been put on hold. And I’m taking a little “me time” to drink my coffee and edit and prepare my DITL pictures for April.


Our mornings usually start pretty mellow. This is one thing that I so treasure. I love having quiet mornings even if we have a few morning people among us who still have volume control issues (that would be our number 4 who just turned 5 years old this month). By quiet I mean, not having to rush out the door. I have the hardest time getting out the door early. I always feel like I have a ton of time to prepare and get ready and then the next thing I know, we have to leave in 5 minutes and 1/2 the kids are barely dressed or can’t find socks and 20 minutes later we’re in the car.



I’m working on our schedule so we can be very intentional about “short meaningful lessons” so looking through the Forms to see how to plan our week. I think I almost have it!

Blake is my little sue-chef. It gets so sad when I don’t allow him to help prep and cook our meals. Something that my husband and I have always enjoyed doing on our own and together is cooking and baking. A little side note: I remember when I was younger and homeschooled, I would take a break after doing my math lesson (usually took about an hour) and bake something. Banana bread, coffee cake, muffins, cookies, etc.


So when we started having kids they were always in the kitchen with us. Learning how to crack eggs so as not to make a gross mess, stirring carefully so we don’t loose half the contents to the counter, not touching hot pans, measuring out the ingredients and most importantly listening because “good helpers are good listeners” ;). Sometimes I let them create their own recipes and we do a taste testing. They call it the “Kid’s Cook Off” like the show on food network. haha maybe one of my DITL’s will feature the Nunez Kids Cook Off.


This kids and I learned about grace. I had Kiera look it up in the dictionary, yes we did NOT google it. Good ol’ Webster’s Dictionary had this awesome definition for us. It was perfect time as there was some feuding and power of the wills going on.


My mom sitting out back, listening to podcasts or news while holding a sleeping Charlotte.

I set my camera down for a time while we did some schooling. As I look through our pictures it seems we’re always eating. haha


Last year we found out that our local Audubon  Society loans out nature kits. This year we borrowed the reptile and amphibian kit which includes some dvd’s. The kids seem to like amphibians better than reptiles. Snakes are just one of those things that kinda freak ya out.



I think this was after wresting or something because they look a bit sweaty.


When Papa (my dad) comes home it’s time for some baseball practice.



I was messing around with a slow shutter.



My little reader



my attempt at getting myself in a picture.


Kiera’s one of my photography students this year and one of the assignments was to build a pinhole camera and use film. She finished building the camera and was now trying to figure out how to load the film.


I didn’t get any nighttime photos. But I did get the next morning!

Breakfast out back, in the warm sunshine. Oh and a silhouette selfie. haha

I’ll update when I have another post for you to check out from a fellow momtog. 🙂




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Featured Story: JD – Watch Me Grow (La Mirada Newborn Photographer)

Joy wanted a simple maternity session. She wasn’t really wanting to dress up like she had the last time and was feeling tired and more sore than before. If you’ve been pregnant while caring for a toddler you totally get just wanting to stay home and put your jammy pants back on and cuddle up with your little one.


She just wanted to make sure to have some pictures to document this moment, this pregnancy. I really don’t remember if it was her idea or mine but I know that we both thought it was a good idea to do an in home maternity session.


About 3 weeks later, their adorable James Dean, III was here!


“My first thought was, I have a son! I can’t believe he is here!”


I just LOVE the stretching face! Isn’t he so cute?! And his eye lashes are ridiculous!!!


“Alaina captures the sweetest candid, real life moments. Nothing is posed so the true essence of our family and children are portrayed in the pictures. It’s so amazing to see in print.”


I’m so glad JD is one of my Baby Club/Milestone Plan babies like his sissy was! Because… rolly thighs, squishy cheeks and dimpled knuckles are the best!



Our children need us just as much as we need them since we were all given specific strengths and weaknesses. I asked Joy what characteristics her children have that she loves, she said, “Jordyn has such a zest for life! She is so friendly and happy and JD is my sweet boy with my husbands energetic personality, it’s fun to see them develop.”


I asked Joy to share about her business with you.

“I have always been in the health and fitness industry , but since having kids my drive to be at home became stronger, Joyful Fitness allows me to train my clients on my own schedule and spend time with my children.”

I’ve been going to Joy’s morning boot camp since November and I’m back in my pre-pregnancy jeans  but even better than that (though that’s a pretty awesome thing!), I don’t feel so tired all of the time and I know it’s not because I’m getting more sleep. 😉

Make sure you check out Joyful Fitness on Instagram!



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Bellies, Births, Babies

DITL – Just a Typical Friday (Southern California Documentary Family Photographer)

This is my DITL (Day In The Life).  I think we can all be decent about taking pictures daily, here and there but committing to photographing my whole day takes a little more intention and then of course blogging about it. No point in all those memories just sitting there on my hard drive. My next personal goal will be to make photobooks from each DITL. Now you can all keep me accountable.


Friday mornings have recently started with meeting up with my sis, of course with coffee. We talk about work and brainstorm together. We also talk about training our children, homeschooling, how to be better wives, how we can use our gifts to bless others, and we always start and end in prayer. It is a special time I look forward to now (we’ve only had 2 meetings so far), it’s such a great way to end the week and start the weekend. We are able to get things off our chest and encourage one another so we can focus on our families and just on the tasks we plan instead of having our thoughts all jumbled between texts messages and sticky notes.


This is the face of a little one that just wants some mama snuggles. I sat with her while she had some cereal which filled her tummy and some snuggle needs.


Cold pizza for breakfast is totally acceptable in our house… There are worse things. Also, I believe this was 2nd breakfast for them. You’ve heard about 2nd breakfast right?



I think this is one of my favorites from the day. My boys are constantly wrestling which is totally fine unless it turns angry or the third boy jumps off the bed and lands on the other. That’s when we call “game is over!”


We sold our first home a year ago and have invaded my parents home. Not really but kind of. That’s how it feels when you have 5 kids and all the stuff that accumulates. The crafts they make out of boxes, the forts that are built, the paper airplanes and bouncy balls now stuck up in the rafters… and the laundry!


We’ve been working on our house off and on. Some weeks we get a ton accomplished, other weeks we check the mail. God has been showing me patience. I get excited about things and it’s like “come on! Let’s get it done!” I feel like He has said, “I love your enthusiasm but I just want you to wait…”

What does your child do when you ask them to wait? Do they wait patiently or ask every minute “is it time yet!?!” or maybe they’re the one that “assumed” it had been long enough so just went ahead with it… That last one would be me… Ohhhh, you meant wait until I tell you…AlainaNunezPhotography.MarchDITL2017WEB-32AlainaNunezPhotography.MarchDITL2017WEB-33AlainaNunezPhotography.MarchDITL2017WEB-39


Framing the ceiling

So I’m going to tell you what’s going on here. We took the wall out between the kitchen and the living room but the ceiling has stucco texture in the living room and the kitchen is flat. Instead of scraping or texturing more I suggested we cover it with paneling/beadboard. Robert said, “show me a picture of what you’re talking about” so I google/pinterest searched and found basically what I was talking about, at least enough for him to catch my vision. We just finished putting up the 20 panels this past weekend. I love it!


crazy hair is a favorite of mine



“Is it time to mow now mama?”



Had a nice conversation with the employee at the hardware store about having more than 2 kids. He said they were thinking about having a 3rd. My dad told him he’ll want to just keep going and I said yea because eventually the older ones can carry around the younger ones. He seemed to like our input…




My attempt at getting in a picture for our day.



Then we ended our day with some stories by the (bright) lamp.

Thanks for walking through a Typical Friday with us!




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Pretty Things – La Mirada Photographer

At the beginning of the month I was able to participate in the Steps4Life event with the Women’s Pregnancy Care Clinic of Whittier. You might have heard me mention this clinic before. I like to donate my time and services to this clinic regularly.

I’m in La Mirada and Whittier is just the neighboring city so I feel that just like shopping local is a good thing, so is donating our time, resources and money to local organizations. We need places where women can go for resources, support, encouragement and education during a time of uncertainty, anxiety and possible fear. I love the heart behind the clinic because I know the individuals who help run it. They love the women and families who walk in their doors, I have seen it.

Every year WPCC (Women’s Pregnancy Care Clinic of Whittier) puts on an event called the Walk 4 Life. Over the last 2 years they have changed it up and created Steps4Life to help educate the participants during hands on interactive stations that shine a light on what women might go through when faced with an unplanned crisis pregnancy. You can see more about it on their website at WPCC Steps4Life.

I was not the event photographer as Sharyn from At Play Photography was taking care of that, but I was able to set up a booth space to show case my company and work. See, just like I believe in supporting local businesses and organizations the clinic believes in giving back to the community too, not just to the women that come through their doors.

If you missed out on the event in Whittier, not to worry, they put on another Steps4Life for their Pasadena clinic but in the fall. Make sure to sign up for their newsletter so you don’t miss out on that information and other events.

And because I don’t always get to have all my work displayed, I took the opportunity to photograph our booth with some close ups.


My Sis Nancy was a great help in created the beautiful set up. She’s my personal and business stylist. 😉



And my lovely Tink & Winston blanket! You should check out their website and if you decide to purchase from them it’s great knowing that a portion of the proceeds goes toward fighting hunger and homelessness.

Here’s a link to make it easy for you Tink & Winston 🙂

What organizations do you love supporting? I’d love to hear!




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Albums and Your Memories -La Mirada Photographer

I think I’ve said it before, but I really enjoy designing albums with the photographs I get to create for my clients.


There’s just something about an album that is magical. I remember always looking through my mom’s albums when I was younger and then as soon as I had my own camera I was sure to purchase albums to display all my photographs in. They were the big tall albums where you could slide your 4×6 picture in and write a caption next to it. I bet you remember those.



I appreciate and treasure those printed photographs and the albums that carry with them memories. Lovely memories! If you’re on Facebook you know how they like to remind you about a picture or status you posted? And if you’re like me when you open up the page and see a picture I want to share it because I love it so much. Definitely not because it’s perfectly exposed or edited or the composition is just right, but because of the people who are in that memory. That is what is most important!


I want my children to be able to look through albums with pictures of mom and dad’s wedding day. Photographs of themselves, siblings, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Where else can you find such rich personal history in one place?


What else will spark your memory of your wedding day other than an album full of your first look, first kiss, first dance? And don’t forget all those details that you fretted over while planning your perfect day! It really makes me sad when I’m told that my families have their wedding pictures but no album or prints even. What would happen to all those beautiful moments if you lost your USB, broke your CD or your computer crashed!?! I know I would be heart broken if I didn’t have my moments in print.


Not to be all doom and gloom but I think you get what I’m saying. Have your photographer print out the photographs they create for you. Better yet, print some of your favorites for the wall and have the complete story of your day complied in an album.



I recently finished up an album for one of my Milestone Plan baby’s which includes newborn, 4 months, 8 months and 1 year photographs in it. With my milestone plan she’ll also have a session at 18 months and 2 years.


Remember, print those memories! 😉



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Belly Pictures – Orange County Maternity Photographer

Have you had professional photographs taken while you were pregnant? I am asking because I missed out on the opportunity to have a maternity session when I was pregnant with my first child. My daughter decided that it was time to meet everyone when I was just 36 weeks along. I know that’s not super early but early enough for the NICU staff to be in the delivery room when she finally appeared 40 hours after I realized the Braxton hicks were actually beginning stages of labor. Back to what I was saying, pictures. We were going to have our pictures taken that Friday, but to our surprise she came on Wednesday.



I was really good about taking belly pictures each week and I even have them printed out and stored away somewhere. I think I realized after that… 32-33 pictures of my belly is a LOT of belly pictures! Once a month would have been sufficient to document my growing belly; so that’s what I did with my 2nd pregnancy, once a month pictures but still no professional pictures. My son also decided that 36 weeks was a good time to come out and say hello. I skipped professional pictures and settled on posing everyone and having my mom click the camera.


Me and my family when I was pregnant with our little Charlotte. Photograph created by Ana Brandt of Belly Baby Love

I know when it comes down to it, a lot of women forgo a maternity session and figure they’ll just have a newborn session instead. I mean, it’s all about dressing up right? And I’ll need an updated family picture when the baby comes anyway right? Well… No, that is not (all) a maternity session is about.
The purpose of a maternity session is to document the amazing transformation your body is going through. It’s about celebrating your baby that you haven’t met face to face yet. It’s about the awe and excitement that fills your heart so much that it has nowhere else to go, (I think that’s the pregnancy glow everyone talks about). And don’t even get me started on the adoration on your husband and other children’s faces. I absolutely love capturing that!
Unfortunately, you might not realize what you’re missing until after the time has passed (and you regret not taking any pictures other than the ones taken with your phone).alainanunezphotography-1-1-17-21
I don’t believe I am alone when I say, I feel the most confident and radiant in my skin when I am pregnant. I know not everyone has smooth pregnancies. I’ve had many friends who are sick the whole 9 months. (Friends, I am sorry, that really sucks)
I know toward the end of pregnancy right around that 36 weeks mark and beyond, any pregnant woman is feeling a bit inflated or just flat out sore as your hips and ligaments are expanding beyond the uncomfortable distance. And depending on how you’re carrying you might be feeling like that as early as 20 weeks.
I totally get it, my body has been able to experience pregnancy 5 blessed times and really, how different will each pregnancy look (is what I or we as moms tell ourselves)?
I really love being able to show my kids pictures of mama when they were still growing inside my tummy. They get this look, you’ve probably seen it on your own child’s face. It’s that look of pride that says, “this time in mom’s life was important enough to document it with a picture. Wow, mom must have been pretty excited.” Yes, that look! That melt your heart look! So I made sure to have professional maternity photographs taken with the last 3 and a birth story session with my last (we’ll have to talk about birth photography another time).
Why am I telling you all this? Because I want you to know mama, that no matter how many pregnancies you have had or which baby you are pregnant with or even if you didn’t have pictures that first, second or third pregnancy; I believe each pregnancy and each child should be celebrated.  These photographs are part of your story and the beginning of your child’s story. You don’t have to wait until after birth-day to start documenting it.
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Orange County Maternity Photographer

I’m so excited to share with you Alisha’s maternity session that I was able to photograph on the first of the year!  I tried to work as fast as I could as the sun was setting as well as the temperature dropping, but this mama was amazing and I think we were able to create some beautiful photographs to document this special time in their lives.
I asked her what she loved most about her husband David, she said,
“His determination, bravery, passion and friendship. He has fought for me for YEARS and has never given up. He is incredibly brave as he goes about everyday life and pursuing his career in this big sea of sound engineers (of which he is the best 😉 ). He is passionate about truth and pursuing the knowledge of that truth to the end of time and he is such a faithful friend. I wish there were more people like him in this world.”
I love how David supported Alisha and I could totally see the adoration he has for her and the love and patience he shows the boys is spot on.
Their twin boys, Issac and Liam “have the most gentle, tender, kind hearts. I am so blessed by their eyes that are open to creation all around them and that they have been the glue that has held David and I together through some of the toughest times. God is good!”
“We are living in CA on one income, trying to make things happen as we attempt to pursue David’s career in the TV/Film/Sound Industry and homeschool our littles. It has been very challenging but very rewarding to have taken such a leap and see the fruits or our labor!” This is what makes their family unique.
A perfect day together would be one spent, “Exploring somewhere beautiful. Hiking or going to the beach to look for seashells. Finding an amazing place to camp. Traveling. Making food together.”
Alisha said her pregnancy has been “Pretty easy…though it is a decade since I was last pregnant so my body is a bit out of shape–little pains here and there ;)” She also wants to remember,  “The joy in my husband and twin boys’ eyes and hearts; that God has redeemed so much and this pregnancy is a HUGE testament to that.”
And for all you mamas, here is a nugget of wisdom for you.
“Motherhood is a true treasure. It is all of life’s toughest and sweetest moments all tied up into one line of work. It is so important to ask for and receive help from your loved ones and to not try and do this all on your own. Congratulations on your journey and blessings as you travel this road! Remember to take care of yourself! I forgot to do that when my twins were first born and it nearly brought our house down. Thankfully, an amazing counselor shared that tidbit of wisdom with me and after remembering to take care of myself daily, things got so much better!”
Alisha loves to sew and create (her boys recently started selling some handmade items as well) so I asked her to share a bit about her hobby (hopefully turned business) which I think you should definitely check out.
“I have always done something creative and crafty and have had a really hard time settling into one thing or the other. As I have been pregnant and with a GIRL…I have gotten the bug to create the cutest little pixie bonnets. So…that has become my current venture and I would love for it to expand and become a small business. Who knows what it will eventually morph into! If you want to follow along and see the bonnets I have already made, follow me on Instagram @mamamaevintage and look at the hashtag #bonnetsbymamamae :)”
Elisabeth Mae, your family cannot wait to meet you. You are greatly loved sweet girl!
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The Word of 2017


Do you have a word, verse or goals for 2017? My word is “refocus”, let me tell you why.

There are a few things that happened last year that made me choose this word, goal or maybe it’s more of a theme. I think it started after being a part of The Inspired Story conference in Dallas, Texas and all the nuggets of wisdom the ladies shared. Checking on my goals I had set for 2016 and getting totally smacked in the face by the fact that I wasn’t busy as much as I was doing busy work (ugh!).

At the conference, Joy encouraged me to not just take pretty pictures but to take pictures that speak all on their own. She looked through a sample of my portfolio and pointed out the photographs that spoke, which happen to be some of my favorite shots. She really brought me back to creating the way God intended for me to create. It’s not like everyone else, it’s not supposed to be like everyone else. I am doing everyone a disservice if I am not creating the photographs that my soul needs to. I relate it to poetry or different genres of music. All of it is unique and the one who wrote it had a burning desire or need to take their pen to the paper or fingers to the strings and make sense out of all their thoughts and feelings. I want my photographs to tell a story of “that moment”. You know, that moment. The one that is relatible, where emotion radiates from the printed image and the love, sorrow, melancholy or joy can be felt. Then Mia told me, I don’t “do” weddings and I don’t “do” births just like I don’t “do” newborns. I am a wedding photographer, I am a birth photographer and I also am a newborn photographer. I totally struggle with this because the industry says to specialize. I totally get it, I have seen some beautiful work of photographers who specialize. Last year I wrote about what I specialize in and I need to remind myself that I am a Moments Photographer. I can’t just focus on one or two areas of photography because that is just not me. Life and all the amazing moments that happen are just to exciting to only look in one direction.
I think it was sometime in the early fall where I revisited my 2016 goals and realizing that I was doing too much “busy work”, which I am totally not a fan of (and what I strive to keep out of our school days). It actually was depressing! If you’re a business owner I’m sure you totally get the constant flow of work and always the voice in your head that tells you, “all this time and energy will pay off.” I’m not saying it won’t but I would encourage you to keep your time allotment of work, life and all that jazz close by and revisit it often; like every month would be good. Don’t do what I did and wait 9 months into the year to check in. So after my bout of sadness and frustration I re-prioritized/rescheduled/rebooted and refocused (like how I brought that back in?) because I’m all about short bursts of work or lessons being intentional. I think I first learned that from my dad who always pushed us to just get it done (first lesson was washing cars, second one was foot work on the softball field). Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling with the “short meaningful lessons” she always spoke of.
So why is my word “refocus” when it could just be “focus”? I think that was my original intent when I said yes to the calling of becoming a family documentarian. When I said yes to putting more effort into learning how to use my camera to create what I saw in my head. when I said yes to starting my business to help support my family. When I said yes to stepping out of my “don’t look at me” comfort zone to put it out to the world that I want to create a photograph that captures “that moment” and I am the professional photographer who can do that.
This year, I’m coming back to my original intent; using my gift to glorify God. He put the desire in my soul for a reason so I’d like to see where He will lead me.
Photography is all about seeing the light. I see it, and it’s beautiful.
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A Year to Reflect – Southern California Photographer

2016! I had a good time going through photographs and remembering the sessions and events that I was able to document this past year.

My first session of the year was of Mr. Cullen, who came over an hour away to be in front of my camera. I met his mama when when we were both in a local Christian mama meetup group. I actually met some amazing mamas that are still my friends even though we might not live close anymore or even see each other very often (in person) but they are some beautiful souls that I am blessed to know and call my friends.
We also took our kids ice skating for the first time. I fully intended on holding the baby while my husband skated with the kids but on the way he told me I could skate with them and he would hold the baby. I was a bit nervous as I hadn’t been ice skating in almost 20 years! Yes, seriously! Good news, I didn’t fall and actually found it easier to skate backwards.
January was also when I photographed Joy’s maternity session with baby number 2! This time around we did an In Home maternity session that I just love. One of my goals this year is to do more In Home Maternity and Family Sessions so if you’re interested please Contact Me so we can start planning!
And because we did the maternity and newborn session In Home we were able to create this.
We sold our first home at the beginning of the year. I have to tell you, if you ever have to sell your house, don’t let people come any day of the week. It would take us at least 2 hours to straighten up (among doing school) for people to walk through for 15 minutes. Set specific days during the week where you know you won’t be home and the house will stay clean for viewings. You’re welcome!
In the Spring my girls and I flew up to Washington state to photograph adorable twin boys. I foresee my big girl and I making more photography related trips in the near future. (Insert big cheesy smile)
These are the pictures my baby watcher/assistant/camera holder/awesome daughter, took of me working.
I also put together a boutique for local small businesses. We had over 20 vendors for our Spring Boutique and Tea. Our raffle money was donated to the Women’s Pregnancy Care Clinic in Whittier, who offers support to the women who come through their doors by way of doing ultrasounds, sharing resources, support groups and supplying the moms with diapers and clothes for their babies. In the past I’ve been able to photograph some of the ladies who participated in one of the support groups and they were telling me how they were so thankful for their mentors and the love they felt from the support team and staff.
In the summer my family drove with me to The Inspired Story conference in Dallas, Texas where I was able to learn from some amazing, God fearing, creative women. I was able to sit and chat with Joy Prouty of Wildflowers Photography and Mia Cohelo of Mia Cohelo Photography and Laura and Rachel Hernandez and many others who spoke truth, encouragement, and led shootouts to share how they create. Like I said, it was an amazing experience and I’m so thankful God opened the door for not just me to go but for my family to take the trek with me. I posted some of our pictures on my INSTAGRAM , our road trip is under #nunez2016roadtrip , if you want to check it out. We made some fun stops along Route 66.
Here some of the photographs I created while in Dallas.
To recap… 2016 was filled with… newborn cuddles, teaching photography classes, being totally blown away by God’s blessings, photographing more In Home documentary (my home and my clients), networking with other boss ladies, traveling, photographing twins, being a baseball mom and coach, exploring new places, helping others, fundraising, purging, moving, refocusing, encouraging, saying yes and stepping out of my comfort zone and saying no when it doesn’t benefit my family, DIY, essential oils, working on our home, meeting new friends, getting back in shape, not sending out Christmas cards (sorry!) and saying goodbye to a beautiful soul.
Now for 2017! I’m working on writing out my goals but this word keeps popping up in my head so I think this is my word. “REFOCUS”. I’m working on that post right now as I didn’t want this one to get any longer.
Do you have a verse, word or goals for 2017? I’d love to hear what they are! Share in the comments if you’d like. We can keep each other accountable.
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Documentary Family Photographer – north Orange County

Do you remember the super moon we had just a few weeks ago? Well my sis in law said “hey, lets take the kids to see the moon, I’ll bring some hot chocolate!” so of course I said “sounds great!” and “oh, I know a good spot that’s nice and open where we can take the kids!” And that’s pretty much how we make most plans.


We set out with our 8 kiddos with their backpacks and flash lights and of course auntie came through with hot chocolate and mini marshmallows and one of my boys usually has an army blanket in their back pack and the other carries the snacks.


We were able to experience this beautiful sunset with some amazing colors.


My husband told me about this google earth app to see all the constellations and planets so they were check out where everything was because… We couldn’t find the moon! Where was this “super moon!?!”


We figured out it was below the horizon and then as it was coming up it was behind a hill and some houses. We heard some coyotes while we were waiting.


But you know with little ones you can only wait so long for this amazing super moon that we (the adults and maybe the older kids) were excited to see. The younger ones were just happy to be hanging out but us mamas could feel the tired meltdowns about to begin so we hiked back to our cars to head home.


We didn’t see the moon until we were driving home but it followed us (doesn’t it always look like it’s following you?) home and we all had some fun night time adventuring together.

Where do you like to take your kids exploring? Have you ever made plans that kind of failed but all involved still had a good time? I want to hear about it!



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