young girl playing the violin

Family Story Sessions

Bouncing hair


Little voices


Wobbly toddler walks

These are all the reasons I started incorporating video with my photography.

A photograph freezes a split second to be preserved for generations, yet it leaves you thinking… I wonder if their giggle is like the sound of a bubbling brook? I wonder if their voice has that old soul raspy sound or if they have that adorable tiny voice? What about all the fun ways they mispronounce words?

Watch what A Family Story Session can be…

A Family Story Session is more documentary in style and includes a mix of photographs and snippets of video taken during the 2 hours that we’re together. The final product is your family film of, A Day (a moment) in Your Beautiful Life.

It might be messy, noisy, energetic, quiet, calm or a ruckus.

Whatever your day includes… it will be perfect and I’d love to help preserve these precious moments for you.

Fill in the form and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

You can also call 562*400*2579 or email, info@alainanunez

Looking for more of the traditional family session? No problem! You can find that information under Family Portrait Sessions.

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