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portrait of the photographer, Alaina Nunez

Alaina Nunez is a mama of many who has been photographing babies and families for 15 years.

She loves the Lord & her family and makes you feel like you’ve been longtime friends when you first meet.

She’s up for talking about homeschooling (she’s a 2nd generation homeschooler), all things birth, being a doula and birth worker, making sourdough bread, using essential oils, natural living, raising chickens, breastfeeding, gluten and dairy free cooking and baking and our divine calling as mamas.

Her photography and business has been featured and recognized by numerous publications and organizations throughout the years.

Alaina Nunez Photography is recognized in the photography category for the city of La Mirada as the best of 2022  

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Alaina’s photography work has been featured on: Woodlands Bride, Swan So Sweet, The Frosted Petticoat, Engaged Wedding Blog, The Plunge Project, Boundary Stone Baby and Baby Lifestyle Magazine, Belly Baby – The Motherhood Magazine, Shoot and Share Top 100 as well as shared on numerous social media pages and blogs. 

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La Mirada, California
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