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A Conversation with a Home Birth Midwife

Home birth midwife doing an in home prenatal exam

Are you curious about the ins and outs of homebirth? Want to know what it’s really like to have a baby at home with the guidance of a skilled and experienced midwife?  Like I’ve mentioned before, I have given birth in the hospital and at home but when I was a new mama home birth wasn’t even on my radar. I love getting to work alongside these amazing women that have such hearts for mamas.

Today I had the opportunity to sit down with Celest Winfrey, founder and midwife of Ivy Midwifery, and had so much fun catching up with her and hearing about her journey of starting as an IBCLC and moving into her training of becoming a midwife. She also gave her advice and thoughts to those who are interested in getting into birth work.

So, brew yourself a cup of tea, coffee or grab some kombucha, and get ready to laugh, learn and be wowed by the wild and wonderful world of homebirth! Make sure to have your audio on.

Can you tell me about your journey of how you became a midwife?

Thinking and talking with one of my colleagues and she mentioned something about midwives. Midwives!? I had never even heard of that!

How does an expecting family go about choosing the right midwife and care provider for them?

“God sends you the people He wants you to have.”

Can you talk about the role of the father during a homebirth and how you support them in their role?

He’s going to play an active role in the participation of your baby’s birth.

What are your thoughts and suggestions for those considering becoming a birthworker?

Birth work is a calling

I know I get asked this all the time so I thought I would ask you. How many births do you take on each month?

I like to focus more on if my clients are comfortable with me and I’m comfortable with them.

God works it all out!

Where can people connect with you to learn more about what you offer?




I hope you enjoyed learning about the world of home birth and the possibilities it holds. It’s a unique and empowering experience that can be a reality with the right support. Don’t be afraid to dream big, and trust your gut when making decisions about your birth. And remember, with a home birth, you’ll have a midwife who’s not only knowledgeable but also fun, making your birth experience safe and memorable.

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