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Does anyone know who coined “Giving Tuesday” into a thing? I don’t remember hearing about it growing up. Typically it was just Black Friday that everyone waited for. It was quite fun actually. A lot of it was like a game of chance trying to get the limited deal. I know many friends who had a tradition and would split up in teams trying to hit as many stores as possible. I only participated in that chaos a few times and it was usually for something extra special.

My very first film camera was from a Black Friday deal that my dad gave up sleep just to wait in line and get for me. Seeing as he was working two jobs at the time I think that was a pretty amazing sacrifice.

I personally think Giving Tuesday should be the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Before everyone goes shopping for all the things, so there’s more in our pockets to actually give. Giving shouldn’t be an after thought, right?

I think it’s nice that we actually have a charitable day but most non-profits stay afloat from continuous monthly contributors.

I want to share some amazing non-profit organizations that might touch your heart. And if they do, I encourage you to partner with them not just once but throughout the year.

Just click on the organizations logo or link to go to their website and learn more about them and donate if you feel called to.

Oh and just so you know, none of these organizations asked or even know that I’m sharing about them. This list is a compilation of organizations I gathered from friends and ones that our family has supported as well.

Helps children and
families break out of the cycle of need into success and
self-sustainability. Southern California
Exist to identify, interrupt & restore those affected by trauma.
Transforming lives, restoring relationships, changing communities together.
We partner with mission organizations in approximately 40 nations.


Christian law firm that take up religious Liberty issues at no cost

His Channel

They started out as trying to set up an orphanage to help rescue kids in Thailand. Once they started working over there, they realized that many children in orphanages had families, who had given them up because they were unable to feed for them, or provide. Their model shifted, and is now to educate and support families, to keep families together. Many women have never learned basic information about their bodies, and so the Charis Project teaches classes on birthing, breastfeeding, infant care, and gentle parenting/ attachment parenting. They have classes to teach basic financial skills and saving, and business classes. They have set up a huge number of savings and loan groups, where groups are able to learn how to save, hold each other accountable, and reach financial goals. They are radically changing lives. Their model differs from so many other organizations that come in to “help” these people, but end up doing more harm than good. People *want* them there. They hire locals, many former students, and have plans to keep expanding. There is more demand for their classes than they can fill! They also provide food for families and expecting mamas.

Not technically a nonprofit but they give portions of their proceeds to conservative causes and they were even at school board meetings to fight against some of the nonsense going on in schools.

Makes life-changing rehab and fitness accessible and affordable to individuals living with paralysis
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