Are you well adjusted?

I started taking my family to Dr Cece at the beginning of last year. She is an awesome chiropractor in Seal Beach who specializes in women and children and follows the Webster techniques.

Initially I started with my oldest daughter and had her evaluated, then a couple more and then the other 3 and finally I figured, I need to practice what I preach and lead by example. So I started care myself.

I love the poster Dr Cece has up in her office where is show’s different parts of the spin correlating to various organs and then learning how when our bodies are not in alignment it can affect our emotions as well.

I’ll share with you a few things we saw a major change in when we started care.

My oldest has awful allergies. Literally blowing her nose all day long and even more when we would go on nature walks or when the weather changed. This also caused all day grumpiness because when you don’t feel good… I would have to say within the first 2 weeks of care under Dr Cece we saw a change in allergy issues. They was less nose blowing, more smiling and laughing again. It was amazing! My girl no longer has to carry a box of tissues with her everywhere she goes and I’m not constantly applying lavender essential oil on her numerous times a day.

Another had some major grounding troubles and now that one skips and jumps and runs down hills and even climbs up ladders without trembling in fear. So so thankful!

Asthma and breathing troubles minimized and if we had any stuffiness or post nasal drip going on she knew what type of adjustment to do to help our bodies heal.

One major thing for me was the range of motion in my neck. I could not fully turn to by left and it was super uncomfortable when I did. Now I can look over my shoulder without any pain.

I just so love how God provides for our every need and He brings some neat people into our lives.

We are not created to do life alone, we were created for community and to support one another with our gifts, knowledge, abilities and strengths.

Below is a video I put together while I was at Simply Well Chiropractic recently.

Karine is the smiling face that greets you when you walk through the doors.

My family is so thankful for Dr. Cece and Karine!

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