Yellowstone in October

We took a quick road trip at the beginning of October and were able to see Yellowstone, The Grand Tetons and Zion National parks. I say quick because we left on Oct 2nd and got back home on October 9th. Not counting California, we drove through 6 states within a week.

So this first picture is actual in Utah at the Fillmore KOA which is where we spent our first night. The second night we spent with friends (more like family) in northern Utah.

On our first day exploring Yellowstone we entered through the Montana side, the northern entrance and soon after we entered the park there were some elk crossing the road. This one even waited for the car to stop before crossing. haha I took this through the windshield.

If you have a 4th grader you can get a nation park pass so you can get into any national park for free during the school year through the summer. Our 4th is in 4th this year.

This area is the Mammoth Hot Springs. Smells a bit funky (not that bad) but looks amazing!

Can you tell I really enjoyed taking pictures at this spot?

The one animal that we “had” to see was a Bison so we traveled along the northern road, passed the petrified tree and Tower-Roosevelt through the Lamar Valley. Once we hit Lamar Valley we saw 3 different herds of Bison.

My 14 year old had a zoom lens on and he got the picture below

Isn’t this adorable!?!

The next day we drove down passed a bunch of geysers but there’s just something about wood sidewalks and bridges that I have to stop for.

And these trees!!! Oh my gosh, they are my favorite!

You know, just a bison on the side of the road munchin’ on some grass.

My friend had visited Yellowstone in early July so we were comparing how different it looked between our trips. Her trip it was all lush and green with many beautiful wildflowers. Our trip had blue skies but chilly air and lovely yellows. God created some amazing things for us to enjoy didn’t He?

Our final Yellowstone stop was at Old Faithful. We got to see it erupt twice. This shot was when we were on the observation area and the 2nd time it erupted we were back in the parking lot and you could see it over the tall building. That really gave us more of a perspective of how high it really goes.

Thanks for reminiscing and traveling through Yellowstone with me! Have you ever been? Any other spots we should make sure to see next time we go? I’ll take all the tips!



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