Why Maternity Photos? {Alaina Nunez – Orange County Birth Photographer}

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I’m just going to be very straight forward and say, maternity photographs are a must. They really are.


How often in your life do you get to partake in cradling a new life, inside your womb?

It’s an amazing experience. For some it’s not so fun (I’m sorry!) for other’s it’s just a bit of discomfort but nothing to bat an eye at.


Each mama and pregnancy is different. You could have had an AMAZING experience the first time and less than ideal experience the second… third… and so on. That means you have endurance and focus. No matter what is coming toward you in life, you keep your focus and move through it with grace.


Maybe everyone told you that you carry pregnancy well and look amazing but you had horrible ligament and back pain or those leg cramps like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. That means you’re one tough lady and you are up for this non-stop self sacrificing mama job.


Maybe you’ve experienced loss and this child is a gift that can never replace but can bring joy and beauty as you step out of those ashes.


Pregnancy is a gift! You are beautiful! You are a good mama!


Of course I’m going to advocate for professional photographs… But to have a photograph no matter the quality, is better than not having it.


I’ve told my mom and my grandma this before and now I’m going to tell you… The photographs, they really aren’t for you. That might sound wrong. I mean, I want all mamas to feel beautiful in their photographs when I take them. I want you to love the moments that are captured no matter how perfectly imperfect they are. But those photographs are a treasure for your children… for your grandchildren.


We can nitpick at all our flaws but our children look past those. They see beauty. They see strength. They see love. They see mama. They see you with all their little heart eyes.


Get those photographs of your children and for your children.


Also I’m just going to say… Your pregnant body is amazing! You are amazing mama! God created you for such a time as this.


I love being able to photograph mamas, babies and families and being invited in to watch them all grow! Seriously, it is such a treat!

I’d love to chat with you about how you are hoping to have this fleeting time in your life documented! Fill out the form and I’ll get back to you soon!



Looking forward to meeting you and telling your beautiful story!


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