Why Hire a Birth Photographer {La Mirada Birth Photographer}

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I’m not here to convince you that you need to hire a birth photographer.
I’m just here to reaffirm that feeling you’re having. That is why you’re here isn’t it? Maybe just out of curiosity or it could be because you want moments of your baby’s birth to be preserved.

It could be, the feeling of knowing that these moments are few and far between.

That these moments are intimate.
These moments are cherished.
These moments are priceless.
These moments deserve to be preserved.
These moments are important.
When I am hired to document a birth story I’m not just there to capture the big push. I’m not there to photograph your lady parts (though those are pretty amazing!).
I’m there to capture the strength you didn’t know you had. I’m there to capture the birth team supporting and praying over you. I’m there to capture the amazing miracle that has grown inside of your body for the last 9 months and when you finally get to meet face to face. I’m there to capture the first breath, the first look, the first quivering lip, the tears of joy and the sigh of relief.

That. is. birth.

The moment you hear your precious baby’s cry. The moment your husband can finally exhale knowing that his wife has finally finished the race. Have you seen the way he looks at you? He wants nothing more than to help ease your burden but knows it is not his pain or discomfort to carry, yet he still tries in the best way he knows how. It is at that time we allow God’s hand to move and our bodies to do what they are suppose to. The moment we say, “no more” He provides a way out.

I seriously am in awe of how God created our bodies.

How He blessed us to be able to care for a provide nutrients to our babies before we get to see their precious faces.
Just like other life experiences and journeys, we can come out of birth feeling a bit beat up, a bit overwhelmed, a bit exhausted and maybe some scars to show for it.
Remember when you were a kid and scars were cool? You’d count how many scars you had and announce the number like it was some kind of trophy, a right of passage and deserved some type of reward or at least some recognition. I’m here to tell you. Scars are still cool (do people still use that word, because I don’t think I’ll ever stop), they show where you have been and what you have done and remind you what you have learned along the way.
I’m not here to tell you why you should hire a birth photographer. I’m telling you why I am a Birth Photographer.
I am a birth photographer because I think, feel, know that we all have a story to tell.

Everyone is created for a purpose by our Divine Creator.

We are all created in His image. We are all created to fulfill a purpose in this time. And I feel it is my duty, my honor, to be chosen to help document the journey; this part of your story.

So the question you should ask yourself. Why do you want this birth photographed? How important is having this birth story documented to you? That’s the more important question.


I’d love to chat with you about how you are hoping to have this fleeting time in your life documented! Fill out the form and I’ll get back to you soon!

Looking forward to meeting you and telling your beautiful story!


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  1. christieadams2013 says:

    I wish that I had a birth photographer when my daughters were born! Love your work!!!

  2. kandiandersonphotography says:

    Beautiful work! I love following your blog. It is so awesome that kids will be able to look back on their birth stories! I love this.

  3. Birth photography is so amazing. Each and every one of these photos is so full of emotion. Great work!

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