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I like to really get to know the families I photograph and sometimes it’s during our initial phone call and other times it’s from following each other on social media and seeing the different family dynamics. If you follow me, especially on Instagram,you already know that I tend to post a mix of work and personal stuff. That I love photographing my family as much as your family.

I asked Tiffany about herself, her family and what she wanted to remember about her pregnancy with her second child Clyde. I love how honest and open she is and I’m sure many of us can relate to her words.

“I want to remember how big my belly got. Which you did beautifully! I truly dislike being pregnant (minus a baby kick here or there) and generally feel like a slow-moving barge through the entire 9 months. Despite this, it is amazing what the body is capable of, and having pictures where I feel pretty with a HUGE belly makes my heart happier than I can express.”



Tiffany said she wants to remember… “How much love there is. For all the pain and crazy and intensity and insanity, we love each other fiercely and if I miss anything as time marches on, it will be how freely my babies hug me and shower me with their adoration.”


Any words of wisdom you’d like to share for the expecting or new mama? “It is all such an unfair crap shoot, but you MADE these people and know these people better than ANYONE else, so slow down and soak as much of it up as you can; the good, the bad, and the ugly. These are the years you will remember for always, the years where your family became what it was meant to be, don’t lose sight of what is important.”

Yes, these are the years you will remember for always… don’t lose sight of what’s important! Love these words! Thank you Tiffany for sharing your heart and thoughts!

I love following along with you and your family on all the exciting adventures and feel so privileged to have taken part in a piece of your family history.




Alaina Nunez is the professional photographer who specializes in documenting unforgettable moments in an organic and documentary way. Home is in sunny Southern California with her husband and 6 children. They love road trips so if you’re not in the area and looking to have Alaina document your family or intimate wedding Contact her to see if she’ll be passing through your area.




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  1. You did exactly what mom asked. It’s clear to see just how much this family loves one another in these images. What a sweet time you captured for them. I’m sure they’re beyond thrilled with these beautiful images.

  2. What a beautiful family! I love that you shared their maternity session and newborn session in one blog-it tells a story!

  3. Madison Thomson says:

    These are beautiful Alaina! I love that black and white!

  4. kandiandersonphotography says:

    What beautiful words your gorgeous client spoke! So many beautiful images that she will treasure forever. These images will be more valuable as the years pass! Beautiful work.

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