Focusing on what’s Important this Holiday Season (Orange County Documentary Family Photography)

The forecast mentioned rain today… but I really didn’t believe it. Was I being pessimistic or a realist? I think a pessimist is someone who says “it’s not going to happen, or won’t happen” (when referring to something good or beneficial). As oppose to a realist who makes a judgement or has an opinion based off of past experiences and logistics. So I’m going with realist! Sometimes there’s rain in the forecast and it doesn’t rain and other times it rains when no one was expecting it or there was just a slight chance that day.

The holidays are coming and that’s just a fact. There’s so many mixed emotions during the holiday season. The cooler weather, the Christmas decorations, can’t forget about Thanksgiving, yummy special food, getting together with family, doing special activities with the kids… But there is also heartache mixed in there with the loss of loved ones or the anxiety of a packed schedule, trying to figure out how to spread yourself and your family evenly (aka way to thin). This is real life.

Our youngest little one will be 8 months old this month and our eldest just turned 13 years. I have this almost urgency in my soul that is wanting these moments saved. Our days are number yet we don’t know what that number is. I want to make sure to spend my limited number of days the best that I can. Every day we pray for God to direct our days and He does so beautifully, though not always the way envisioned.

So what does this have to do with the holiday season? Maybe you’re asking. Focus on what’s important. Usually the most important thing you already have or is looking you in the face and saying, “I love you.”


This is why I’m telling you this…

For the month of November and December I am booking documentary sessions (this includes birth and Fresh 48). What’s a documentary session? It’s real life. It’s together with your loved ones. It’s belly laughs and crocodile tears. It’s hand washing, hand holding, stop teasing your sister, feeding your family, can you help your brother, visiting grandpa and grandma, making tamales, wrapping presents, decorating the tree, baking cookies, running errands, kind of days. It’s not about the perfect outfit or the hair in the right place. Family coming in from out of town? This would be perfect for that!

It’s focusing on what’s important

Do you have family traditions? Does family get together for a day of baking or making tamales? When do you decorate your tree? Do you go caroling around your neighborhood (we plan to this year!). Maybe you celebrate Hanukkah instead! I want to document these moments for you! It’s such a treat to be invited into your home so that you can be fully present and not have to worry about pulling out your phone or your camera to document the moments.

For those looking to get that updated family portrait for Christmas cards… I’ve saved a couple dates for some mini sessions! You can pick your time here: Rustic Christmas Mini Sessions

So think about the holiday season you have coming up… What would you love to be fully present in? That is what you should have documented and then Contact me so that you can simply enjoy.



Note: Documentary sessions include intimate events such as baby showers, birthday parties, bridal showers and surprise parties.

Documentary sessions are partial Day In the Life sessions that are approx. 3 hours of photography coverage.  Get in touch! And we’ll fill you in on the details for these sessions for the holiday season.





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