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Featured – Bodhi’s Birth Story (Orange County Birth Photographer)

I strongly believe a woman should birth wherever she feels the safest and most comfortable to do so. And if your birthing location has a pretty great view then that’s definitely a bonus. 😉

Aimee and I only met less than a month before her due date. This was her 5th little one and she originally wanted a home birth, but as the time for her little guy to enter this world she felt better about welcoming him while at the hospital.

Birth is one of those things that you can plan and make the best educated guesses on how long labor is going to take but babies come when they come and they definitely don’t follow a clock. So mid morning I entered Aimee’s birth space while the nurse was checking on her and the baby. We chatted a bit and then I left to let her do her thing and to rest as much as possible.

I rejoined everyone after the sun had gone down. Then I met Aimee’s youngest (soon to be 3 year old), her mom and sister who had joined.

I just love this one of Aimee’s mom giving her words of encouragement or maybe just a quick pep talk. The conversation was just between the two of them but it was just what Aimee needed to hear to finish up this long labor journey strong.

And I just love that her sister kept her calm and laughing.

Mom was going to leave so that this little guy would go to sleep but the time just seemed to be getting too close of baby’s arrival so he climbed in bed with mama and was out within minutes.

Good thing mama didn’t leave because we were right, birth time was soon.

Some calm and swift hands took care of sweet little Bodhi right after he was born.

You could feel the relief

First snuggles <3

And this little guy stayed asleep while his little brother was being born. We used some sheets to make a little tent around him so the lights wouldn’t wake him up once it was push time. Seemed to work well!

This is one of my favorite images from this story. Her birth team… family.

Heart eyes for all the wrinkly new baby toes.

Aimee hadn’t had anything to eat in over 24 hours so daddy  got a chance to snuggle their new little guy.

Just look at that sweet little face!

And this is when I exited the birth space that I was honored to be invited into.



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