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My Photography Journey (Southern California Documentary Family Photographer)

An imperfect self portrait of my imperfect self. But I like it…

When I was a little girl I would take pictures of my cats. I would pose them on this little wicker end table and use almost a whole roll of film just on them.
Then when I was a little older I always took pictures of clouds. Those big fluffy clouds that had pictures in them but would change almost as soon as you saw the hidden picture.

Channeling my inner Ansel Adams. Black and white landscape/nature photography.

When I was in high school I received my own SLR camera from my parents and soon after became the “official” photographer for my brother’s band. I played with shutter speed, shadows and low light. A lot of it was trying to figure out what kind of neat results would come with my experimenting. I still was only shooting film so I had to be patient and wait to see the end results. I remember keeping a pad of paper and pencil with me so I could write down my settings.
I used that camera for everything! Photography projects from college, my brother’s wedding, mission trips, our honey moon, even through having our second little one!
I loved photographing landscapes and moments. Something ordinary but beautiful at the same time. Glowing light, the never ending horizon, the massiveness of a tree, swimming with the sea turtles (truthfully I was terrified!)…
I wanted to go to school to become a photojournalist, travel the world on mission trips and write these stories about lives that needed to be documented and shared. Be the voice of those who are not strong enough or able to speak for themselves.

God had another plan for me… I fell in love with my husband when I was 18. We’ve been together now for 17 years. Even though I continued my education (which actually changed toward the medical field and music education, interesting combo right?) after getting married I always felt this pull of being home with our children.
I needed something that would fulfill this need to create, to write, to share while still being able to love on, guide and lead these precious little souls that were given to us…
I love light and I so appreciate the shadows. They make the light warmer, welcoming, magical…
If we could live just focusing on the light and view the shadows as a way to say, yes, they are there but THIS, this right here… This is what is beautiful, what I want to focus on. Those shadows are just the background music to the main show.
I purchased my first professional DSLR 10 years ago. This life has been filled with beams of light and numerous shadows. But what I remember most… Is the light… The shadows happened, God held my hand through them, even when they were so thick I couldn’t see the light, I knew it was there. It’s always there.

Our lives are meaningful… Because the lives we touch while we are here on this earth are changed. I along with my husband, raise our children and we know they will create and be something bigger and better than ourselves. I photograph stories of life… Family stories. Because all stories revolve around family… Weddings (the start of a family), maternity (the growing family), birth (a new member of the family), newborns (the little one that completes the family).

Self portrait of my 38 week expecting (expanding!) baby belly of blessing number 6.

I’m so passionate about stories of lives being told and being documented that I created a photography curriculum so I could teach! And then I host workshops for parents so they can learn how to document their lives and see the blessings surrounding them. It is so much fun to share!

So that has been my journey for now… We shall see what the next chapter holds in our story.

Thanks for reminiscing with me…



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Alaina Nunez is the professional photographer who specializes in documenting unforgettable, real moments through storytelling photographs. Home is in sunny Southern California with her husband and 5 children. They love to travel on road trips and she books travel sessions each year. Contact Alaina to document your newborn, family or intimate wedding when she’ll be passing through your area.

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