Learning to See, a 2018 Project 52 (Southern California Documentary Family Photographer)

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I’m finally saying yes to a Project 52 this year!

I never committed to one before, I think it’s because in my head I already knew I wouldn’t be able to finish it, so I basically failed before I started. Maybe I have commitment issues… Maybe I just don’t want to be held accountable… Whatever my reasons were, I say now, “I’m doing it!” I’m committing to documenting my family (at least) once a week with my big camera!

I’m doing this Project 52 to celebrate the life God has blessed me with and I feel like I am obligated, no, privileged to be able to take the time to document it in photographs.

I have a Facebook group if you’d like to join along. You definitely don’t need to use a “real” camera, phones are totally fine. I made the group so we can keep each other accountable and cheer each other on. No mama guilt for missing a week here and there. No need to catch up. Just start again. In the group I plan on giving some tips and you are welcome to ask any questions.

So what is a Project 52 exactly? It’s simple (in my head, haha) 1 photo a week, for each week of the year.

My goal is to pick up my camera once a day for 5 minutes. The times will vary. We’ll most likely be at home. The lighting will not always be wonderful or actually, probably pretty bad. And I’m sure I will miss a day here and there.

I’m taking the approach of documenting “from where I sit/stand” and capturing what is happening around me. I’m preparing to be sitting and nursing a lot with the newest blessing who will be joining us next month and I’ve been sitting a bit more lately anyways. If you decide to join the Facebook group you are more than welcome to move around to get the photographs you want.

I’ll also be posting on Instagram and the hashtag for that is #Project52_learningtosee so if you’re joining me, feel free to use that same hashtag.

Here’s my 1/52

To actually get to enjoy the day we decided a few years back to have our own individual family Christmas on a different day. The last couple years we chose New Years morning. It definitely helps spread out the festivities and enjoy the Reason for the Season better. 🙂
Neff gun battle surrounded by Christmas decorations… haha
The boys asked if they could make breakfast. Nathan made pancakes and Domenic cooked up some turkey bacon.
A bit of nighttime reading with the wee one.
Checking out the animals in a nature center after our nature walk.

Hope you’re enjoying the first week of the new year!



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