A Birth Story – Ezra (Long Beach Birth Photographer)

In celebration of Labor Day I thought it would be fun to reminisce about how I spent my labor day 3 years ago so I’m re-posting Ezra’s birth story. “I met Ryan earlier this year when she was looking for a photographer to document the birth of her 2nd son. She was just so easy to talk to and I really hoped that she thought I would be a good fit to be in the room with her during her son’s birth. Fortunately after talking to her husband I was invited over to their home. Since she was just at the beginning of her second trimester I told her I would come see her again around her 35th week so we could discuss any last minute details and so I could get a couple “before birth-day” photos. Her husband Matt is in part time ministry and I love that he said his family is his first ministry and as God leads they will do more together. He keeps a blog at http://watsonfamilyfaith.com/ Before I left I told her I had a feeling she was going to have her baby September 1st, which happened to be Labor Day this year. She said the 1st stuck in her mind too at the beginning of her pregnancy. (Fun little fact, this year I also guessed the birth of my friends daughter who I was suppose to photograph her birth as well) AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-134 Ryan text me on Monday, September 1st (yep Labor Day!) at 4:20pm and said she might be in labor but she would let me know if things progressed. 5:50pm came and I got another text from her saying yep it was definitely labor and she’d let me know when to come. I text her at 7pm and asked if I could go then just in case she progressed quickly. About 20 minutes later she said that would be fine. I got there about 8pm. AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-110 I was one of the few honored people who got to witness this miracle! (at 11:22pm) AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-51AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-56AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-68AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-81AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-88AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-90AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-92AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-94AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-96AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-103AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-104AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-109AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-113AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-116AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-120AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-121AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-123AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-130 How awesome is that to be able to labor, birth and recover in your own bedroom and have your 2 year old asleep in his own bed in the next room. Just Perfect! AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-132AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-2AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-24AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-32 Little Ezra knew his daddy for sure. Matt started talking to him and Ezra turned to look at him right away. AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-39AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-40 Ryan made this little sling (she’s a birth doula herself at www.bornbeautifully.com) AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-47AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-48AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-49AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-50 Sue, the midwife of www.blessedbeginningsmidwifery.com gave little Ezra his first check up. AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-46AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-55AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-61 Daddy finally getting a turn to snuggle his little one. AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-8AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-62AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-66AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-67 Grandma Lisa (Ryan’s mom) in love! AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-70AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-71 “For you formed my inward parts; you wove me in my mother’s womb. I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; wonderful are Your works, and my soul knows it very well.” – Psalm 139:13 & 14 AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-76AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-75AlainaNunezPhotography.Ezra.Birth-77 Congratulations Watson family!” Happy 3rd birthday sweet Ezra! Blessings, Alaina

Words from Ryan: “Alaina is such a joy to work with! She captured the home birth of our second son so beautifully. We absolutely treasure the photos! Birth is such an intimate process and Alaina worked quietly and was another calming presence on such a special day for us. <3″


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Alaina Nunez is the professional photographer who specializes in documenting unforgettable moments in a lifestyle and documentary way. Home is in sunny Southern California with her husband and 5 children. They love to travel on road trips together so if you’re not in the area and looking to have Alaina document your family or intimate wedding Contact her to see if she’ll be passing through your area.
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