A Moment in Our Life – Muddy Fun (Southern California Documentary Family Photographer)

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After awhile I feel very uninspired when I’m only using my camera on my phone. So I make sure to pull out my regular camera because realistically, I’m not going to print pictures from my phone. I do add them to our school yearbook because I don’t always have my camera attached to my hip (believe it or not) and truth be told, sometimes I’d rather not have my phone so close by all the time either…

Kids are fun though! They make things happen and make the best out of their moments.


My oldest son Nathan really takes to heart that man was made from dust. Ever since he was a little one he just could NOT help himself whenever he saw a pile of dirt. He would roll, slide, climb, fall, stuff it in his pockets, I’m pretty sure he rubbed it in to his skin and clothes too. So when he plays in the mud, even at 10 years old, he goes all in. It’s so much his personality to do whatever he does wholeheartedly and that is one character trait that I just love about him. And of course being the older brother, his younger brothers are going to follow suit and join right in.



This day I had to grab my camera and start snapping away to truly capture my boys having an amazing time in the mud!







I didn’t get pictures of big sister having fun hosing them off… Usually that ends with some smiles turned upside down. But that didn’t seem to stop them from jumping in the mud a week later. I guess it’s worth it! 😉

Thanks for enjoying these fun childhood memories with me!




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Alaina Nunez is the professional photographer who specializes in documenting unforgettable moments in a lifestyle and documentary way. Home is in sunny Southern California with her husband and 5 children. They love to travel on road trips together so if you’re not in the area and looking to have Alaina document your family or intimate wedding Contact her to see if she’ll be passing through your area.

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