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It’s Saturday… Four out of the five kids were up all night emptying their stomachs and my mom and I rotated through taking care of the kids. They each had their own bucket… it was ridiculous! But if we only have to loose one night of sleep and no one else gets sick tonight, all I have to say is, “Thank you Lord for being so gracious!” Because seriously, have we not all experienced the cycle of sickness? One gets it then a day or two later the next one gets it, then a day or two later the next one and so on until the nasty bug has made its rounds through each family member and now the one who first got it is starting to feel sick again…

With all that to say, our Saturday plans of baseball game, newborn session and crawling under the house to work on electrical have been put on hold. And I’m taking a little “me time” to drink my coffee and edit and prepare my DITL pictures for April.


Our mornings usually start pretty mellow. This is one thing that I so treasure. I love having quiet mornings even if we have a few morning people among us who still have volume control issues (that would be our number 4 who just turned 5 years old this month). By quiet I mean, not having to rush out the door. I have the hardest time getting out the door early. I always feel like I have a ton of time to prepare and get ready and then the next thing I know, we have to leave in 5 minutes and 1/2 the kids are barely dressed or can’t find socks and 20 minutes later we’re in the car.


I’m working on our schedule so we can be very intentional about “short meaningful lessons” so looking through the Forms to see how to plan our week. I think I almost have it!

Blake is my little sue-chef. It gets so sad when I don’t allow him to help prep and cook our meals. Something that my husband and I have always enjoyed doing on our own and together is cooking and baking. A little side note: I remember when I was younger and homeschooled, I would take a break after doing my math lesson (usually took about an hour) and bake something. Banana bread, coffee cake, muffins, cookies, etc.


So when we started having kids they were always in the kitchen with us. Learning how to crack eggs so as not to make a gross mess, stirring carefully so we don’t loose half the contents to the counter, not touching hot pans, measuring out the ingredients and most importantly listening because “good helpers are good listeners” ;). Sometimes I let them create their own recipes and we do a taste testing. They call it the “Kid’s Cook Off” like the show on food network. haha maybe one of my DITL’s will feature the Nunez Kids Cook Off.


This kids and I learned about grace. I had Kiera look it up in the dictionary, yes we did NOT google it. Good ol’ Webster’s Dictionary had this awesome definition for us. It was perfect time as there was some feuding and power of the wills going on.


My mom sitting out back, listening to podcasts or news while holding a sleeping Charlotte.

I set my camera down for a time while we did some schooling. As I look through our pictures it seems we’re always eating. haha


Last year we found out that our local Audubon  Society loans out nature kits. This year we borrowed the reptile and amphibian kit which includes some dvd’s. The kids seem to like amphibians better than reptiles. Snakes are just one of those things that kinda freak ya out.


I think this was after wresting or something because they look a bit sweaty.


When Papa (my dad) comes home it’s time for some baseball practice.


I was messing around with a slow shutter.


My little reader


my attempt at getting myself in a picture.


Kiera’s one of my photography students this year and one of the assignments was to build a pinhole camera and use film. She finished building the camera and was now trying to figure out how to load the film.


I didn’t get any nighttime photos. But I did get the next morning!

Breakfast out back, in the warm sunshine. Oh and a silhouette selfie. haha

I’ll update when I have another post for you to check out from a fellow momtog. 🙂




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