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This is my DITL (Day In The Life).  I think we can all be decent about taking pictures daily, here and there but committing to photographing my whole day takes a little more intention and then of course blogging about it. No point in all those memories just sitting there on my hard drive. My next personal goal will be to make photobooks from each DITL. Now you can all keep me accountable.


Friday mornings have recently started with meeting up with my sis, of course with coffee. We talk about work and brainstorm together. We also talk about training our children, homeschooling, how to be better wives, how we can use our gifts to bless others, and we always start and end in prayer. It is a special time I look forward to now (we’ve only had 2 meetings so far), it’s such a great way to end the week and start the weekend. We are able to get things off our chest and encourage one another so we can focus on our families and just on the tasks we plan instead of having our thoughts all jumbled between texts messages and sticky notes.


This is the face of a little one that just wants some mama snuggles. I sat with her while she had some cereal which filled her tummy and some snuggle needs.


Cold pizza for breakfast is totally acceptable in our house… There are worse things. Also, I believe this was 2nd breakfast for them. You’ve heard about 2nd breakfast right?


I think this is one of my favorites from the day. My boys are constantly wrestling which is totally fine unless it turns angry or the third boy jumps off the bed and lands on the other. That’s when we call “game is over!”


We sold our first home a year ago and have invaded my parents home. Not really but kind of. That’s how it feels when you have 5 kids and all the stuff that accumulates. The crafts they make out of boxes, the forts that are built, the paper airplanes and bouncy balls now stuck up in the rafters… and the laundry!


We’ve been working on our house off and on. Some weeks we get a ton accomplished, other weeks we check the mail. God has been showing me patience. I get excited about things and it’s like “come on! Let’s get it done!” I feel like He has said, “I love your enthusiasm but I just want you to wait…”

What does your child do when you ask them to wait? Do they wait patiently or ask every minute “is it time yet!?!” or maybe they’re the one that “assumed” it had been long enough so just went ahead with it… That last one would be me… Ohhhh, you meant wait until I tell you…AlainaNunezPhotography.MarchDITL2017WEB-32AlainaNunezPhotography.MarchDITL2017WEB-33AlainaNunezPhotography.MarchDITL2017WEB-39

Framing the ceiling

So I’m going to tell you what’s going on here. We took the wall out between the kitchen and the living room but the ceiling has stucco texture in the living room and the kitchen is flat. Instead of scraping or texturing more I suggested we cover it with paneling/beadboard. Robert said, “show me a picture of what you’re talking about” so I google/pinterest searched and found basically what I was talking about, at least enough for him to catch my vision. We just finished putting up the 20 panels this past weekend. I love it!

crazy hair is a favorite of mine


“Is it time to mow now mama?”


Had a nice conversation with the employee at the hardware store about having more than 2 kids. He said they were thinking about having a 3rd. My dad told him he’ll want to just keep going and I said yea because eventually the older ones can carry around the younger ones. He seemed to like our input…



My attempt at getting in a picture for our day.



Then we ended our day with some stories by the (bright) lamp.

Thanks for walking through a Typical Friday with us!




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