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I’m so excited to share with you Alisha’s maternity session that I was able to photograph on the first of the year!  I tried to work as fast as I could as the sun was setting as well as the temperature dropping, but this mama was amazing and I think we were able to create some beautiful photographs to document this special time in their lives.
I asked her what she loved most about her husband David, she said,
“His determination, bravery, passion and friendship. He has fought for me for YEARS and has never given up. He is incredibly brave as he goes about everyday life and pursuing his career in this big sea of sound engineers (of which he is the best 😉 ). He is passionate about truth and pursuing the knowledge of that truth to the end of time and he is such a faithful friend. I wish there were more people like him in this world.”
I love how David supported Alisha and I could totally see the adoration he has for her and the love and patience he shows the boys is spot on.
Their twin boys, Issac and Liam “have the most gentle, tender, kind hearts. I am so blessed by their eyes that are open to creation all around them and that they have been the glue that has held David and I together through some of the toughest times. God is good!”
“We are living in CA on one income, trying to make things happen as we attempt to pursue David’s career in the TV/Film/Sound Industry and homeschool our littles. It has been very challenging but very rewarding to have taken such a leap and see the fruits or our labor!” This is what makes their family unique.
A perfect day together would be one spent, “Exploring somewhere beautiful. Hiking or going to the beach to look for seashells. Finding an amazing place to camp. Traveling. Making food together.”
Alisha said her pregnancy has been “Pretty easy…though it is a decade since I was last pregnant so my body is a bit out of shape–little pains here and there ;)” She also wants to remember,  “The joy in my husband and twin boys’ eyes and hearts; that God has redeemed so much and this pregnancy is a HUGE testament to that.”
And for all you mamas, here is a nugget of wisdom for you.
“Motherhood is a true treasure. It is all of life’s toughest and sweetest moments all tied up into one line of work. It is so important to ask for and receive help from your loved ones and to not try and do this all on your own. Congratulations on your journey and blessings as you travel this road! Remember to take care of yourself! I forgot to do that when my twins were first born and it nearly brought our house down. Thankfully, an amazing counselor shared that tidbit of wisdom with me and after remembering to take care of myself daily, things got so much better!”
Alisha loves to sew and create (her boys recently started selling some handmade items as well) so I asked her to share a bit about her hobby (hopefully turned business) which I think you should definitely check out.
“I have always done something creative and crafty and have had a really hard time settling into one thing or the other. As I have been pregnant and with a GIRL…I have gotten the bug to create the cutest little pixie bonnets. So…that has become my current venture and I would love for it to expand and become a small business. Who knows what it will eventually morph into! If you want to follow along and see the bonnets I have already made, follow me on Instagram @mamamaevintage and look at the hashtag #bonnetsbymamamae :)”
Elisabeth Mae, your family cannot wait to meet you. You are greatly loved sweet girl!
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