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Do you remember the super moon we had just a few weeks ago? Well my sis in law said “hey, lets take the kids to see the moon, I’ll bring some hot chocolate!” so of course I said “sounds great!” and “oh, I know a good spot that’s nice and open where we can take the kids!” And that’s pretty much how we make most plans.


We set out with our 8 kiddos with their backpacks and flash lights and of course auntie came through with hot chocolate and mini marshmallows and one of my boys usually has an army blanket in their back pack and the other carries the snacks.


We were able to experience this beautiful sunset with some amazing colors.


My husband told me about this google earth app to see all the constellations and planets so they were check out where everything was because… We couldn’t find the moon! Where was this “super moon!?!”


We figured out it was below the horizon and then as it was coming up it was behind a hill and some houses. We heard some coyotes while we were waiting.


But you know with little ones you can only wait so long for this amazing super moon that we (the adults and maybe the older kids) were excited to see. The younger ones were just happy to be hanging out but us mamas could feel the tired meltdowns about to begin so we hiked back to our cars to head home.


We didn’t see the moon until we were driving home but it followed us (doesn’t it always look like it’s following you?) home and we all had some fun night time adventuring together.

Where do you like to take your kids exploring? Have you ever made plans that kind of failed but all involved still had a good time? I want to hear about it!



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