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When was the last time you were in pictures with your children? I’m not talking about selfies, even though those can be adorable; I’m talking about being in the moment with your children and a photograph created during THAT moment.


I’m sure you are in the moment with your children on a regular basis and they will remember that I can assure you. But we as mamas can sometimes get so busy in doing and serving others (that is a big part of this mama job) that we forget to treat ourselves to these printed treasures.


I use to assume that people would take pictures of me with my kids because I see life and light through my camera. Yet there were so many occasions that I would pull out pictures and there were so many of my kids with my husband, grandparents, friends and family yet I was missing. It was sad, I was sad.


I no longer wait and hope for a picture, I ask. It’s not because I did my make up that day or am all dressed up and need the world to see. No, it’s so when my kids pull out our albums and pictures they will look through them and say, “Mama, I remember that moment with you!” And I will look, and smile at them as we reminisce together.


This is motherhood. The moments we don’t want to forget. Their baby faces. Chubby hands. Quiet moments. Endearing glances.

I want to tell your story mama, I know it’s a good one.




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