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Photo Classes

Do you have a student interested in the art of photography? Photography is such a great way to express yourself while also being a life documentarian, you just need the right tools.

I have designed a photography curriculum for 7th-12th grade home school students that will give them these tools. My students will learn how to properly adjust their camera’s manual settings. They will also learn about; the exposure triangle, depth of field, white balance, numerous lighting techniques and scenarios, history of great photographers, composition, storytelling and much more.


Words from the parents:

“You did such a good job with this class!  Thank you again for all the time and attention you gave the kids.  I’m so glad she had the opportunity to learn from you.” 

“Thanks, Alaina! I know she has learned so much and you have been a great teacher for her! It has been such a wonderful experience for her!”

The students learn how to photograph motion in various ways.

Other Details:

* We meet for 1 hour, once a week for 15 weeks in the early afternoon

* Class sizes are limited to 10 students

* There is a midterm and final along with a grade given for the class

* No textbook required, handouts will be given

* DSLR camera/camera with manual settings is required

* Class fee is $165 per student (ask about sibling discount)

* Starts: Tuesday, February 7th and Ends: May 23rd

* Time: 1:30pm-2:30pm

* Location: Location will be in La Mirada and emailed once enrolled

The students learn how to capture light and shadows. This is the photograph I created during the silhouette lesson.


We start with the very basics but progress quickly so by the end of the class the students’ creativity blossoms as they have learned how to use their cameras to create the art and images that they want. They will have also learned to capture the world how they see it, which is just as unique as the person.

There is plenty of time to practice the new skill taught during the class time so the students can go home knowing how to working on the assignment for the week.

I’m a visual learner so I really need to see what I’m suppose to learn. I also am one, like most, who will remember after I have done it myself and that is how I’ve chosen to teach my photography class.

Photography is a great art medium. It can be moody and dark or bright and airy. I love giving my students the tools (knowledge) they need to express themselves in a way that won’t only lift their spirits (empower them) but can impact others’ lives in the process as well.

Sample work from past students:

Working with Depth of Field
One of the ways to capture motion – panning

Would you like to know more? Contact Alaina for dates and more information.




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