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Lately I’ve really been thinking about what my specialty is, what is my “niche”. I’ve been thinking about it because people are asking, “What kind of photographer are you?” Which is a totally valid question.


I find myself listing off what I love to photograph; families, babies, birth, couples, weddings… That doesn’t sound very specialized and I hear over and over I need to specialize. I’m sure you’ve heard it, “jack of all trades and master of none.” How are people going to take me serious as a professional photographer if my specialty is so broad?


Let me tell you a bit about me. I’m the girl who in my first semester in college took auto mechanics, voice, gymnastics and photography. I received my degree in music education and I played competitive softball for 10 years. I went to vocational school and got my medical assisting (MA) certificate for back office and took preliminary classes to become a respiratory therapist (I had severe asthma growing up which is what inspired me to want to help people breathe).  I was homeschooled which means I had extra time to pursue things that interested me, like creating mini wreaths from the weeds that grew in our backyard or teaching myself how to play the piano because lessons were too expensive. I organized an overnight camp for the young girls at church at 11, I wrote newsletters on my grandma’s typewriter and charged for just the postage when I was 13, and I had a lot more birthday parties than my brothers because, truth be told, I liked planning my own parties and all my mom had to do was say yes because I took care of ALL the details.


I’ve come to realize, my photography niche can’t be narrowed down to one or even two categories if it is mine. So what do I specialize in? I specialize in capturing moments. I specialize in documenting genuine expressions. I specialize in creating photographs that stop time for that second, that fraction of a second and make it unforgettable. I am not strictly a documentary photographer but I have a documentary style. I am not strictly a lifestyle photographer as I enjoy posing people (in a natural way). I am not a portrait photographer though I do like to get up close and personal and will definitely take the time to adjust little details especially when I photograph newborns.


I will let you in on a secret. I laugh, pretty much all the time, if I’m not laughing you’ll probably see me smiling from behind my camera. It’s my weakness and my strength all wrapped into one (anyone else a nervous laugher?). I think that is part of my “brand” and my “style”.


So, back to my answer. I’m an “in the moment” photographer, that is what I specialize in. Creating photographs with your genuine, loving, frustrated, contemplative, vulnerable, real moments. This is my passion and my ministry. I am incredibly blessed to be given the opportunity to create photographs of my friends and clients during their amazing moments. If that is the kind of photographs you are looking to have of your own, I would love to create them for you!


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Website: http://www.alainanunez.com

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  1. I love your niche! You are a “capturing genuine moments” photographer. Perfect.

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